Mini Interview with Jeff Deyo

How did the Lord direct you to go solo from Sonicflood?

Jeff Deyo: Sonicflood was a special thing that God did. It blew us all away.
We would do a regular show with our own 10 performance songs and then we would just do that one song
“Lord I lift Your Name On High.” What I saw with my own eyes, the difference between those two things the
power, the people. We’ve been doing our thing for 10 songs and then do that one song out of the blue
when people were running down to the alter forgetting about us on stage. They were seeking God. They
weren’t running to us, they were running to Jesus. They were lost in God. That’s when it hit me, worship is
it. It’s what I was called to do and God was blessing it. He didn’t create me to be a performer. He created
me to be a worship leader.
How long have you been a Christian?
Jeff Deyo: I have been a Christian since I was 4 years old.

How long have you been writing songs?
Jeff Deyo: I started writing songs when I was in elementary school. I started playing the piano was I was 6. I took
classical piano all the way through my Junior year in College. My passion for writing songs grew in the
direction of God as my relationship with God continued to grow. I was always a piano and I was always
known for that. God has allowed me to communicate through singing way beyond what I thought was
I came to town deceived. I thought I was going to get a record deal after being here in Nashville only for 6
months. It eventually took 6 years. It’s not about the music business. It’s about your relationship with God.
What’s next for you?
Jeff Deyo: We are in the studio and working on an album that’s due out September 2003. It’s tentatively called
“Keep My Heart.” It will be somewhat similar to “Saturate.” One of my biggest desires is to help the church
have songs that they can worship God to. I want to be a resource to be able to bring fresh songs.
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