Message from GCU’s President Myer

The lectures at Abilene Christian University gave Global Christian University an opportunity to network among many Christians who were attending this
annual event. In addition to distributing brochures about GCU, we also distributed information for Nations University. President Mac Lynn assured me
this was a first among our brotherhood. I am happy to report that cooperation among parachurch organizations is on the increase.
I talked with Salvador Cariga from the Philippines. He shared his plans to open a Study Center in Baggio City next year. GCU will be a part of that
operation. I met with President Charles Caudill, Andy Baker and John Tyson from World Christian Broadcasting and we discussed ways in which we could
work together to promote Christian Education.
George Saltsman, an ACU professor, put me in touch with Jeff McCormack, a Vice President for DigiScript based in Nashville. They are interested in our
project of working with Health Talents to produce courses for health education. Dr. Nell Ard of Dallas is working with us on this project, as well as Marie
Agee, Director of Health Talents in Birmingham.
It was a joy to see many friends at the lectureship. One of these was Dr. Keith Mitchell, who worked in New York City for many years and was a key
player in the ministry located in the World Trade Center. He is a Christian counselor in Miami and is Executive Director of Child Hope, Inc. He has
agreed to teach a course this fall entitled: “An Introduction to Christian Counseling.” Other courses will follow which will assist ministers in the mission field.
Another contact was Milo Hadwin, who is working with a ministry to China. He is located on the Harding University campus, and he is recruiting
individuals to go to China to teach English to university students. I also talked to Nelde Harle, who is doing the same kind of work among the Chinese
people. They both were interested in the concept of using health education as a tool for sharing the gospel with the 1.3 billion Chinese people.
GCU continues dialog with Western Christian College (Canada), and Harding University concerning a pilot project involving Canadian students taking
advantage of Distance Learning to have access to a broader range of courses. We are grateful for the spirit of cooperation which exists among our Christian
colleges and universities.


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