Merry Christmas



As we decorate Wally’s Service, we are thankful for all of our Mayberry friends!
Christmas in Mayberry
It’s Christmas in Mayberry, the mountains are white
Opie and his friends are all filled with delight.
The town is lit up, wreaths are on every door
Andy whistles the carols he’s whistled before.
Opie skips along Main Street to hear the Mayberry band,
Leon lopes close behind him; what’s that in his hand?
No, it isn’t a sandwich’s sticky remains,
It’s Christmas and he clutches a new candy cane!
They arrive at the band shell where they join Aunt Bee
She has a basket of goodies for the picnic, you see.
An old man greets Bee; he’s delighted to see her;
The former town grump – our good friend Ben Weaver.
Soon Floyd shows up, joined by Howard, Mike, Sam.
Goober stops to say “Hey;” Gomer joins the band.
The band strikes up some carols, then Barn starts to sing,
But they unplugged his microphone so the harmonies ring.
Aunt Bee spreads a blanket on the rather cold lawn,
Folks are bundled up snug with their winter coats on.
Otis keeps warm in his own special way;
But it’s not from the bottle his cheer comes this day!
Soon Andy appears with his barbershop quartet
And they sing some fine carols, it’s the best they’ve done yet!
Then the church choir joins in to sing “O Holy Night”
When the good folk of Mayberry see a beautiful sight.
Through the lights on the houses a new glow appears
As the first snowflakes fall on the town they hold dear.
Aunt Bee packs up the picnic, Goober grabs one last wing,
And the choir and quartet all continue to sing.
Opie and Leon and Mike and their friends
Are still laughing and singing as the band concert ends.
Then they hook up with Andy and he hooks up with Barn;
They find Thelma Lou and Helen and walk off arm in arm
To the Taylor home where they will share Christmas fun;
For it’s Christmas in Mayberry — Merry Christmas, everyone!
© 2002 by Kathryn E. Darden, Nashville, TN
Merry Christmas, Mayberry!

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