Mayberry Daze . . .

I read the series of news articles chronicling the most recent annual “Mayberry Days”, 26-28 Sept. ’02, held in Mt. Airy, NC.
I’d just like to forward a b-i-g *THANK YOU* to Kathryn E. Darden, and the rest of the “Christian Activities” staff writers & website managers, for providing a wonderful read through and through. Via text, and some well-placed pictures, they brought this year’s event (and related linked topics/articles) to life for those of us unable to attend.
Perusing the Events Calender included, I couldn’t help but notice that all recent/past events took place east of the Mississippi river! Does anybody know of any Mayberry-themed events planned for anywhere WEST of the river? Specifically, in the American southwest &/or California? For those of us west of the mighty Miss’, Mayberry seemed even further away than ever, with no listed events in our neck of the woods.
My occasion is “Mayberryless Days”.
Sadly yours,
Thank you for such a nice note, Peter. I have also observed most Mayberry events take place West of the Mississippi, but don’t be discouraged! There only used to be one event in North Carolina! Now it seems each year another Mayberry event is added in a new location. Plus, I KNOW churches are doing the Mayberry Bible studies all over the country… they are just not posting their Bible studies with us! We would like to encourage anyone that knows of a Mayberry event or Bible Sturdy to let us know. And if we hear of anything in your neck of the woods, Peter, you can bet we will post it!


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