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The new cd from Mark is entitled, “Broken & Beautiful” can be best described as
contemporary verging on a light rock in musical style.
The release starts off with “40 Days,” a guitar lead rocking song that deals with
God’s unending grace for us.
The release also features several very poignant songs. One example is the song,
“Walking Her Home.” The song is based on an elderly couple that Mark has
know in Nashville for many years.
The song chronicles the couple’s life from young love and getting married, to
growing old together living in a nursing home still in love, to one of them having
to deal with the death of the other one.
Another touching song is, “Everything To Me,” it’s a song that Mark wrote as
a tribute to his birth mother.
Mark was adopted at the very young age of only two weeks old.
Even though Mark has never met his birth mother, and has no plans to, he still
wanted to say thank you to her for giving him life.
All of the songs found on this release feature very well-done guitar and drum
parts along with very soothing vocals, but, the brightest shining star of all is the
song’s lyrics.
Mark makes the lyrics come across as that of a friend who’s opening his heart
up and you can’t help but to listen to them intensely.

This release does a very fine job of walking a musical tight rope. There’s enough
guitar riffs and steady drumming to keep the younger listener’s attention while not
being so loud and amped up as to discourage the more mature ear.
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