Mark and Brynn Gersmehl Pack the Station



The weather man was predicting thunder storms and tornadoes on the Sunday night Mark and Brynn came to Bellevue, but that didn’t stop stalwart fans from packing Bellevue Station on Christian Activities Night, leaving standing room only by the time the Gersmehls took the stage.
First up were Lydia and Kyle Gott who received an enthusiastic welcome by a crowd that looked favorably on Lydia’s strong vocals. Lydia foreshadowed later comments made by Brynn as both women shared honest stories of their times of alienation from God, problems conceiving, and God’s transcendent grace through it all.
By the time Mark and Brynn took the stage, a storm was raging outside but Mark promised we would be safe inside. “We will worship and the Lord will hear our voices in the middle of the storm.”
Those who were expecting the rocking rhythm of Whiteheart or the strong ballads were in the wrong place! However, Mark showcased his trademark Whiteheart vocals backed by Brynn and Roscoe Meek on acoustic guitar and Bill Pickup on percussion on more intimate acoustic songs song like “Where Would I Be” before introducing his “best friend,” Brynn. “We have been married five and a half years and I still think she is a FOX!” he shared as he introduced the song “Good Things.”
“This song is about the people I love,” he said, looking fondly at his grinning bride. “Ladies, if you are dating a guy and he can’t express these things to you – I don’t mean he has to sing them – but if you are dating a guy and he can’t express these things to you, these deep things that make you feel cherished; and that he wants only good things for you, if he can’t say these things, then DUMP HIM,” said Brynn whose diminutive size belies a strong will.
Mark also sang a poignant song about a friend who had gone through a recent divorce. “Break Down” tells of a one watching a friend struggling through the crisis –trying to be strong, and being offered the chance to break down in the safety of the friendship.
“Mark lets me do some songs,” laughed Brynn as she took the microphone to share some of her songs, done in her somewhat ethereal, alternative style.
The evening ended in worship as sheets placed on each table before the show were used to unify everyone in some worship choruses. “We feel like when we end up with worship everything gets turned around right back to the Lord, with the focus not on the hoopla, but on the Lord,” Brynn told me after the show. Mark agrees, “We have done that twice and the Lord showed up both times.”
Mark says while he loves the comraderie of a band, he plans to pursue performing with Brynn in a more intimate setting. “I love the creation of the songs and I enjoy being in the studio, but after that, I love playing for people what God is calling me to say.” He says besides his love of playing dates with Brynn, he loves the extra time this affords him with his family. Based on the enthusiastic reaction from the crowd, I have a feeling we will be seeing more of Mark and Brynn.
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man of her dreams; wanting to have a child with him; being unable to conceive.
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