My grandfather was an avid stamp collector, and he would spend many hours pouring over those little pieces of paper, examining each one carefully through a strong magnifying glass. I could never understand why he did this, until he explained that sometimes there is a small misprint on a stamp, which then made it rare and a lot more valuable.
That magnifying glass held a great secret fascination for me when I was very young, once I discovered it could do more than make small things look bigger. It could start a fire!
How did I know that?
One day at school I had innocently held out my hand for someone who had a small magnifying glass. The sun was shining, and they focussed that light through the glass, to form a small spot of light on my hand. I soon found out that it got very hot!
Using my grandfather’s more powerful magnifier, I discovered that I could start a small fire (when no-one was looking, of course!).
With maturity, I can see that God acts like a magnifying glass in my life. When He concentrates His love and light into my life, it magnifies the sin in my life, and I see it for what it is. Given enough exposure to God’s goodness and love, the desire to repeat a wrong is taken away (burned up).
Christ’s mother said, ‘My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour.’
Can we say that? Our daily lives should be like a magnifying glass to those with whom we come in contact, so that they can see and feel the Love of God more clearly through us.
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