Looking Toward The Cross




A Little Boy knelt to pick
Some splinters from the floor,
Then ran to show His parents kind
Before He stooped for more.
A Young Man toiled throughout the day
In Joseph’s hardwood shop,
His fingers light upon the wood,
“Too soon?” He thought it not.
And as He left His parents’ home
To gather up the twelve,
Into the Heavenly Father’s will
His mind began to delve.
The young Messiah for three years
Did walk the dusty roads,
And all throughout that short-lived span
He lifted heavy loads–
For those with twisted bodies came,
And also twisted minds,
But none were ever turned away
>From Jesus, Son Divine.
Some men were jealous (leaders cruel)
Demanding He should die,
Requesting He be crucified–
Contrary words, all lies.
At last a rugged wooden cross
Upon His back was thrust,
And to Mt. Calvary He trudged
So we could put our trust
In One who looking toward the Cross
>From early childhood days,
Lived out His Life, then gave it up
Our sin-debt for to pay.
Christ is risen!
He is risen indeed!

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