Looking for The Sevilles

I am looking for info on the Gospel group The Sevilles. I have some of their tapes from the early 90’s, but no record company or address for them is listed. I believe they were from California. Have you heard of them and if so do you have any contact info for them? It really means a lot to me to find this group again. The group consisted of 2 ladies ( I believe they may have been sisters…not sure, and one man whom I remember as being a husband to the younger lady. The older lady had one daughter and at that time had recently lost her husband and younger daughter in a car accident.
Ronda Gatz-Ellis
I am not familiar with the group but one of our readers just sent this in. I hope it helps!
This message is for Ronda Gatz-Ellis. I know where the Sevilles are. Paulette Elaine and Doyle are all a major part of Landmark Christain Center. Paulette Blaylock is the most wonderful Pastor in the world. And she also has a beautiful daughter named Sara. Elaine and Doyle
Hawkins are my youth leaders. They are the most fun people in the
world. If you have any questions what so ever contact me atjoshahobson@yahoo.com or hobsonauto@sosinet.net


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