Lipscomb Hosts The Human Race

Lipscomb University will host The Human Race 5-K walk/run on April 23 as part of a year-long campaign to raise money for One Life Revolution to build a school in Zambia, Africa for children orphaned by AIDS. The 5-K will begin at 9 a.m. with registration at 7:30 a.m. at Lipscomb High School Gym, 3901 Granny White Pike, Nashville, Tenn. The 5-K walk/run is a student-initiative and is open to the public.
“We chose to host the 5-K walk/run because it provides a tangible way for people to get physically involved,” said Janelle Saunders, 5-K student coordinator. “With a 5-K, people can give of themselves in a physical sense by exerting themselves for the children in Zambia while helping raise awareness and support for this cause. We hope that everyone who participates will also become more aware of what is happening in Africa with AIDS.”
The cost of registration that day will be $20.  Early registration for students is $10 and for non-students $15. Everyone who pre-registers will be guaranteed a free t-shirt, said Saunders. The top male and female runners will receive a prize.
The entire price of registration will go to One Life Revolution to build the school.
“We are able to give all of the money to One Life Revolution because of many wonderful donors who have covered all of our costs for this event and have donated door prizes, food and water,” said Saunders.
The 5-K Human Race is one in a series of fundraising events Lipscomb has sponsored to raise money for the school in Zambia.  Students are hoping to raise $53,000, the cost of the school.
“One of the important issues that arises as a result of the AIDS epidemic is the number of children who become orphans,” said Saunders. “These children are sometimes sent to live with other relatives.  If they have no other relatives, they usually must live in the streets.  Most children have to drop out of school to help provide enough food for survival.
“Education is extremely important because it enables people to provide for themselves. Without it, the cycle of poverty and disease will continue.  A new schoolhouse will provide the children with a much better environment for learning so that they can have hope for a future lived off the streets.  Also, the actual construction of the school is beneficial to the community as a whole because One Life Revolution uses all Zambian workers and supplies.”
Though the problems associated with AIDS are overwhelming, Saunders believes it is important to start somewhere and make as much of a difference as you can.
“The AIDS epidemic is such a huge problem that it often seems like there is no way we can even make a dent in it. Change, however, comes from a collective effort of everyone doing what they can.  Just building one school house in Zambia might seem pretty small in proportion to the problem, but it has the potential to change many lives for years to come.”
To pre-register for the 5-K, log onto For more information about the 5-K, contact Saunders at 615.243.3484 or by emailing For more information about the Lipscomb University One Life Revolution campaign, contact Jeff Fincher, director of student missions at 615.279.6050 or by emailing


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