Lipscomb Hostel Goes Wild, Wild West

Hostel is designed for people over 50 years old who wish to attend
classes without grades or taking tests. Three college-level courses are
offered as part of the program. Among those scheduled is “Tales of the Old
West” taught by Dr. Dennis Loyd, professor of English. This course will
include a study on how our Western myth has developed and flourished by
examining the stories of Bret Harte, Mark Twain, Ambrose Bierce, Owen Wister
and others.

“Opening the West: Manifest Destiny and the Mexican War” will be
taught by Dr. Tim Johnson, professor of history. In the 1830s-1840s the
United States expanded all the way to the Pacific Ocean, opening vast areas
of new land to American settlers. The course covers several events related
to this important period of westward expansion, including the Texas
Revolution and the Alamo, the Oregon Question, the War With Mexico, and the
Gold Rush.

“Living the Ethic of Jesus” will be taught by Dr. Richard Goode,
associate professor of history, and the fellows of the Center for
International Peach and Justice. The effort to embody the ethic of Jesus —
the ethic which bears the fruit of peace and justice–has challenged
faithful disciples for 2,000 years. How ought Christians think, live, and
work in the world? The goal of this series is to present with integrity
these themes for more authentic and self-aware discipleship.

A variety of extracurricular activities are being planned. Guests
will visit the Old Spencer Mill for a day of music, eating on a chuck wagon,
demonstrations by weavers and candle makers, mill tours and more. Other
activities include a visit to the David Crockett Museum, lunch at the
Wildhorse Saloon, a western movie night and a theme dinner, among other

For complete details, including cost and lodging information, call
279.6208 or 800.333.4358, ext. 6208 or e-mail

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