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I love the “Andy Griffith Show” for many reasons. I actually grew up in a town smaller than Mayberry. In fact, our largest
company was a 320 pound man who sold vacuums door to door. So, we used to watch the Andy Griffith Show just to dream that one
day our town might be that big!
We also could identify with the characters. We all had an “Aunt Bee” that offered warm pies
and a warmer heart. We had a stern but loving “Andy Taylor” type that was our towns Mayor, Football Coach and School
Superintendent. Although, we didn’t have a bumbling fool “Barney Fife” character. I know because I kept going around asking
people if we had one and they would just look at me and smile.
The show was something we could relate to, especially once we got
phones in all our houses!! Plus, it always had a good message.
Barney Fife was my favorite character. I could identify with the “want to do good but it never works out”
lifestyle of that deputy. I also loved a guy who was so skinny that he looked like he went to a blood bank and forgot to say,
“When”, thinking he is a suave lady’s man. It reveals the basic human nature of how we all think more highly of ourselves than
we should.
As a Christian, I love the analogy that we are all a bunch of Barney Fife’s and God is like Andy Taylor. (Which I
actually use to think was God’s first name when I was little because we’d sing the song “And He walks with me” so fast it sounded
like “Andy walks with me.”)
I feel like we are all a bunch of Barney Fife’s and we should just keep our bullet in our pocket and try to
follow what God instructs us to do. Unfortunately, many times we go off on our own and mess things up. And, just like the “Andy
Griffith Show”, our sheriff comes along and helps us through our messed up situations and ultimately is going to save us in the end.
Bob Smiley is a popular Christian comedian.
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