With the release of the Katinas’ “first” worship album just over two months
away, I’m in the throes of the proverbial press campaign. Trust me, if
you’re a publicist, it’s proverbial.
You might be wondering why I referred to their upcoming album–titled
LIFESTYLE–as the group’s “first” (in quotes) worship album. Of course, you
might be wondering other things. Like, does GMA President Frank Breeden
REALLY want to be the next host of MTV’s Total Request Live? (See last
week’s CCM Update.) Now about those quote marks…in my humble opinion,
LIFESTYLE is not really The Katinas’ first worship album. Historically they
have taken such a worshipful approach with their work that we would be doing
their previous albums and live performances a disservice to think, “Oh, now
they’re going to start doing some worship stuff.”
Ah…but then there’s that wonderful beast called marketing. And I can dig
me some marketing. That’s why LIFESTYLE will be the the Katinas’ “FIRST”
worship album. Besides (Yes, here comes the attempt at justification.),
while worship has been prevalent during their concerts and on previous
albums, LIFESTYLE marks the first time the band has purposed to make an
album that celebrated Christ through focused worship from start to finish.
And then there’s that album title. Nice! As if they could just slip it in
there without raising a few eyebrows. Yes, there’s a whole three-point
sermon in THAT one. For the theologically impaired (such as myself), it’s
helpful to note The Katinas chose to title their album LIFESTYLE to reflect
the Biblical principle that we as believers should live out our very lives
as a continuous act of worship. (Yeah, THERE’S one to contemplate the next
time you’re sipping a brew in Starbucks.)
The majority of LIFESTYLE was taped live at the
Katinas’ home church–Bethel World Outreach Center–in Brentwood, TN. (It
will also feature some studio tracks…) The album streets on June 18th,
and will highlight worship classics such as “Trading My Desires” and “I Give
You My Heart,” as well as live renditions of Katinas’ hits like “Thank You”
and “Draw Me Close.”
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