Let Freedom Ring

Happy birthday to the greatest nation on earth, today.
Happy birthday to the land I love, the good old U.S.A.
You’ve continued to afford us our freedom for another year,
while we go about our daily life, without a single fear.
Our brave soldiers continue to shed their blood in foreign lands,
keeping peace around the world, and foiling the terrorist’s plans.
I thank Almighty God for our great nation every day,
and pray for His guidance so a great nation we will always stay.
There are those that would like to destroy us, along with you and me,
they can�t stand to see us prosper and live a life that�s rich and free.
�Happy Birthday You Glorious Old Lady�, I hope you all the best,
and I pray for God�s continued guidance, and that our defenses never rest,
From coast to coast we band together and shout, �Let Freedom Ring�,
we love the good old U.S.A., for her I would do anything.
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