LeSEA Broadcasting Dedicates METV

November 20th, 2001 is the day LeSEA Broadcasting connected with their many viewers and corporately dedicated Middle East Television (METV) to the people of the Middle East with a special edition of “The New Harvest” featuring a live communion service from the rooftops of Jerusalem. METV is a 24-hour channel which can be seen by 73 million homes in the Middle East and in 95% of all cabled homes in Israel.
Hosted from Jerusalem by Steve and Pete Sumrall, and by Stefan Radelich and former Miss America Debra Maffett in the United States at the network’s South Bend, IN, headquarters, this special one-hour show was part of LeSEA Broadcasting’s daily talk show, “The New Harvest.” In addition to a live communion service from the rooftops of Jerusalem, the show also included a special dedication by Grammy Award-nominated and multiple Dove Award-winning Word Records vocal group 4HIM, and an exclusive interview with the Mayor of Jerusalem, Ehud Olmert.
On a daily basis, ?The New Harvest? show reaches 40 million homes in North America, 70 million homes in Europe and 73 million homes in the Middle East. The show is also broadcast around the world on LeSEA Broadcasting?s five shortwave radio stations.
METV is located in Cyprus and has been operating in the Middle East since 1980. LeSEA Broadcasting took over operations in July of 2001. The programming mix includes family sitcoms, movies, sports and the very best in inspirational shows.
“The powerful prayers that went up today from all over the earth are something that I know just touched the heart of God,” stated co-host Debra Maffett. ” Just like when King Solomon dedicated the temple in Jerusalem, we are dedicating METV for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the Second Coming of the Messiah, we know this will be a powerful tool in his hand.”
To watch the show go toTheNewHarvest.

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