Leadership Summit 2002 at The People’s Church

“In the midst of today’s climate of highly
publicized corruption, fraud, and scandal, America’s confidence in its
corporate leaders is waning. With the recent implosion of Fortune 500
as well as upheavals within charitable and educational organizations,
Americans are wondering –
‘Who can we trust?'”
“I believe very strongly that integrity-based leadership can turn the tide
of history,” said Bill Hybels, an internationally known leadership expert,
presidential counselor, pastor of one of America’s largest churches, and
best-selling author of numerous books, including Courageous Leadership
(Zondervan, 2002), which will be released in August.
Recognized by Harvard Business School professor, Len Schlesinger, as among
the best-run service organizations in America, Hybels’ innovative Willow
Creek Community Church has hosted integrity-based “Leadership Summits” for
some 45,000 leaders and emerging leaders across America since 1995.
“In 1995 I attended The Leadership Summit,” said Gary Schwammlein, Vice
President and General Manager of the International Division of The
NutraSweet Company. “Besides being spiritually fed, I heard some of the best
talks on visioning and leadership I’ve ever heard.”
THIS YEAR, in an effort to meet the increasingly critical need for leaders
with character and integrity in America,
The Leadership Summit, to be held Aug. 8-10, has been dramatically expanded,
to accommodate 40,000 attendees at 51 different locations in the United
States and Canada, including the People’s Church in Franklin.
“Isn’t it interesting that with all of the other leadership seminars and
books out there, people have discovered some of the best leadership training
in a faith-based program like this,” said Steven Dycus, Nashville-area
organizer for the Leadership Summit. “What makes it especially powerful is
the dynamic line-up of nationally and internationally known speakers. Where
else can people in the Nashville area participate in such a powerful
leadership training program”
Along with Bill Hybels, the powerful speaker line-up includes:
Warren Bennis, founder of The Leadership Institute and author of
Leaders (Harper and Row, 1985),
which was recently selected by The Financial Times as one of the top 50
business books of all time
Daniel Goleman, Pulitzer Prize-nominated New York Times journalist,
best known for his book,
Emotional Intelligence (Bantam Books, 1995)
Claudia Kennedy, the highest-ranking female military officer of our
Kirbyjon Caldwell, highly successful business leader and pastor of
one of America’s largest churches who delivered the benediction during the
2000 Presidential inauguration.
For information about local sites and registration for The Leadership Summit
2002, visit www.willowcreek.com/summit
or call (800) 570-9812. Special student rates are available.
The Willow Creek Association (WCA), which is organizing The Leadership
Summit 2002, is a multi-denominational worldwide network of more than 7,800
churches that equips churches and church leaders with strategic vision,
training, and resources.


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