Knowing your Savior

There is an amazing truth about friendships or any relationship, the more you put in the more you get out. Stop communitcating and you will slowly start to drift! Sacrifice, go the extra mile, become vurnerable, spend quality time, laugh, cry, fight, make up and learn from your mistakes…all of this is the recipe for a strong relationship! The deeper you sink the ties and ground the commitment, the stronger it grows! As you find out what makes the other person tick and become vulnerable with them, that is when you reach new levels.
The same principals apply in our relationship with Christ! It doesn’t get any more vulnerable than being hung nude, on a cross in public…..for something you didn’t do! Writers have tried for 2000 years to capture all of the love that this act portrayed but, there just aren’t words eloquent enough. Christ suffered publicly for us, because He dearly loved us! There is nothing that we will ever have to endure that can even come close to what Christ experienced on cross. No matter how difficult our walk with Him becomes we should never quit! No matter the sacrifice, it is worth it! Taking ridicule or persecution…. Christ understands all too well what that is about! Ignite the passion and rekindle your love for Jesus….experience again that amazing longing you had to seek and serve Him, when you first came to know Him!
That is why we need to take the time daily to intimately communicate with our Savior! Discover why Christ did what He did! Understand the events that led up to the cross, the prophecy that He fulfilled when He died and rose again. There is so much in God’s word. Make your time with Him each day count. Learn about Him, hunger and thirst after Him, wait on Him, listen for Him to speak to you. If you get in a rut with your quiet times, get a Bible atlas, a concordance, a book that will take you step by step through each book in the Bible. Change it up and keep growing, don’t stagnate or plateau. There is so much to learn and soak up as child of the Living God and just not enough minutes in a whole life time to get to it all……..but give it your best shot …your only shot! You will never regret it!
I use to be a “t.v. and movie junkie,” until one day God really burdened my heart as I was laying down to go to sleep……what had I really done for Him that day?
OUCH, that was painful! I had done nothing purposeful, that would hold eternal value! At the time, with just two kids, a baby and a 3 year old (a third child wasn’t even a remote possibility….or so I thought!) I could not imagine how I would find any quality time to read God’s Word or spend a moment with Him! For that matter, I could not even find quiet time with myself or my husband! With God’s help and the same principal of tithing…. I gave God my “best” time, the firstfruit of my day. In that season of my life, I valued sleep more than anything else… to get up when my girls were asleep seemed nonproductive and flat out ridiculous! It was so hard at first, I had this rosy picture of harps playing as I arose from my comfy bed, the deafening sound of silence as I gathered myself to meet with God! “NOT!!” It seemed like everything started going wrong when I stepped out …… of course, but as I stayed faithful God blessed and! He blessed me in an abundant way! Through His strength and the Spirit’s guidance, He began to form new habits in my days and I began to hunger and thirst after the things of God! My days began to flow much smoother, the hecticness was still there but I obtained a Peace that I did not posses before! God started to reveal things that I had never known and I began a deeper relationship with my God! If you give Him a little He always gives back a lot! If it costs you nothing then you’ll usually gain nothing.
How bad do you want to grow, how much do you want to learn, how deep is the ache to serve Him!? Take the challenge and dive into Him!! Start off by memorizing some salvation verses ( Rms 10:9 & 10, Jn 14:6, Acts 4:12). Be able to share your faith and the salvation message at any time and be able to lead someone in the sinners prayer.. that alone is the biggest rush you’ll ever experience! Get to know your Old Testament history, the ten commandments (Ex 20), the twelve tribes of Israel, why Jacob’s name was changed to Israel. Why Moses wasn’t allowed into the Promised land. Revel in the passion of David, Joshua, Caleb, Josiah and Hezekiah for their Lord! Find out who the Major and minor prophets were, memorize the books of the Bible. Burst into the New Testament and read the four gospels..understand who each author is and at what time periods and from what perspective they wrote. Know by name who the twe! lve disciples were and who replaced Judas Iscariot after he betrayed Jesus and killed himself (Acts 1). See for yourself how a self righteous Saul became humble, Godly Paul……and wrote the majority of the New Testament! Familiarize yourself with the various servants God used to pen His sovereign Word. Then you can have someone to identify with, as you experience all the emotions of life! Rekindle your love, passion and relationship with your Creator and Savior…….and have fun doing it! Live this one and only life on earth BOLDLY for Christ!!


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