Kimmel Crew Uses Spotlights to Assault Teenager


A light crew affiliated with the Jimmy Kimmel Live show utilized two spot lights to burn teenage “Survivor” Ryan Bueler on June 25. Bueler was holding one of Survivors’ many graphic signs in a demonstration on the busy street near Kimmel’s studio.
He was in an area where a light crew had stationed themselves to spot a stunt scheduled to happen later that afternoon by the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, but upon Bueler’s legal, peaceful demonstration, utilizing his First Amendment rights, the camera crew assaulted Bueler by turning two spotlights on him from only a few feet away.
The situation occurred in broad daylight, negating any need for the lights to be turned on. In addition, the camera crew turned the lights toward Bueler-the opposite direction of where they needed to be turned in order to film the stunt on the other side of the street.
Bueler, who estimates that he was under the lights for around 15 minutes, did not sustain threatening or serious injuries; however, his skin was noticeably darker on the areas where the lights hit. The heat from the lights was hot enough to partially melt Bueler’s bracelet and the sign he was holding.
Despite being on scene and shown video footage of the occurrence, LAPD did not arrest any members of the light crew.
“It is outrageous and a disgrace that anyone would purposely burn teenagers with high intensity commercial spotlights just because of their belief that abortion is the killing of innocent children,” said Timmerie Millington, spokesperson for Survivors.
Bueler was just glad to see that the pro-life message was being spread to the crowd.
“It was worth it just to see fifty people praying on Hollywood Boulevard,” Bueler said after the event, referring to the attention that the event garnered, which was spurred on by efforts — utilizing a bullhorn — to inform bystanders of what had happened.
Due to the preparation involved by the “Survivors” who demonstrated in the event, the entire Hollywood situation was documented on several different video recordings.
The “Survivors” demonstrated at Kimmel’s residence after he did not make a public apology.

In addition there will be a peaceful demonstration today, July 1, at Jimmy Kimmel’s house located at 1651 Marmont Avenue Los Angeles, CA at 11:00 a.m. Another demonstration will be held later today in front of Jimmy Kimmel’s studio on Hollywood Boulevard at 5 p.m. The “Survivors” have decided to take this course of action due to Jimmy Kimmel’s refusal to apologize for his production crews’ actions.

See the video here.


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