Kendall Payne Releases Sophomore Project

One of hte industry’s “sweethearts” just two short years ago after the success of her debut smash, Jordan’s Sister, Kendall Payne found herself treading water and slowly slipping under as the unstable music business blew through a strong wave of changes.  After taking time for soul-searching and rediscovering her passion for life and music, Kendall Payne has weathered the storm and re-emerges with her much anticipated sophomore project, GROWN.
“People always say ‘what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger…’  I’m a firm believer in that principle,” declares Payne.  “In fact, I’m living proof of it.”
Taking college classes, working odd jobs and getting involved in her local church helped Payne to re-focus, and songs started pouring out.  Without a record label, however, Payne didn’t think she would have an outlet to share the new music.
Friend and actor Zachary Levi (ABC’s “Less Than Perfect”) offered to fund the follow-up record and producer Tim Schoenhals sat down at the controls.
“I believe in Kendall Payne because her music leaves me no choice,” says Levi.  “It is ‘music of necessity.’ Not music that you should hear, but rather music that you need to hear.  If you live this life without it, you live this life incomplete.”
Recorded at the Treatment Room in North Hollywood (with additional recording by Justin Schier at Sonik Wire), the musicians for GROWN were hand-picked by Payne for each song, with special appearances by Jason Wade (Lifehouse), Ricky and Randy Jackson (The Daylights) and Jamie Wollam (Avion).  Wade also shares songwriting credit on “Backwards,” a song about looking to the future instead of living in the past.
“I already had the verses to the song, but was really stuck on where to go from there,” Payne explains.  “So, I took it to my friend Jason Wade and in five minutes he wrote a chorus and bridge.  After taht, I took it home and wrote all the lyrics in a few hours.  It’s a rare thing when a song comes that easy!”
GROWN is available now and can be purchased online through and 
Jordan’s Sister, Kendall Payne’s 1999 debut release for Capitol/Sparrow Records sold close to 100,000 units and its music was featured in the hit movies “Never Been Kissed” staring Drew Barrymore and “Beautiful” with Minnie Driver.  The radio single “Supermodels” was selected as the theme song for the WB’s hit TV show “Popular.”  In 2001, Payne was honored with the Gospel Music Association’s prestigious Dove Award for “Best Alternative Rock Album” and was a supporting act on tours with top-level artists in both the mainstream and Christian markets, including Lilith Fair, Dido, Third Day and Delirious, among others.  In addition to her music and songwriting, Payne has also co-authored the book Mirror, Mirror, published by Zondervan.  Currently, Payne is continuing to write songs, non-fiction and children’s books as well as accepting speaking engagements and performance opportunitites.
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