Jonathan Pierce: One man, one love, one concert



After singing with the Imperials for three years (as Jonathan Hildreth)
as well as being a member of the critically acclaimed Gaither Vocal
Band, Jonathan Pierce has taken flight, delivering what he calls his
“dream album.”
“With One Love,” the title song and first radio single
and video represent Jonathan Pierce, who was involved in five Dove
nominations this year.
For Jonathon, his life and artistry are a natural
reflection of his faith. “Everything in my life centers around the one
love of Jesus Christ.” “Everyone talks about love, and sometimes I think
we make the emotion of love too important when really, love is Christ.

That’s why the songs on this album talk about how, if we just expressed
our love more – not our views and religion – but our passion for Christ,
this world wouldn’t have all the problems it does today.” With one
love/Heaven changed the world forever/ And no heart will ever be the

Take a relentless pursuit of Christ, add a passion for musical
excellence, and you have the makings of a fulfilled dream.

One Love
incorporates the talents of four veteran producers: Guy Roche (Celine
Dion, Michael Bolton); Michael Omartian; John and Dino Elefant�. All
brought “individual spice” to the mix to deliver a musically versatile
yet cohesive debut album.

The Elefant�s focused on a brighter pop sound,
while Roche and Omartian stressed elegance and maturity. As Jonathan
puts it, “I’m overwhelmed to have the opportunity to work with such a
cast of producers on my debut album.” Besides renowned producers, the
album also includes the songwriting talent of Gary Chapman, Michael
Omartian, Brent Bourgeois, Grant Cunningham, Dianne Warren and Stevie

One Love and its message ignited long before Jonathan started singing
professionally. For him the dream of making music that encouraged people
began one Sunday as a blond-haired, blue-eyed, freckle-faced
five-year-old took his place by a piano and entertained a small church
audience in Odessa, Texas. Raised by encouraging parents, he received
formal musical training, including vocal coaching and piano lessons.

Through- out junior high and high school, Jonathan participated in
school choirs and spent many Thursdays at the local nursing home singing
and playing piano for the residents.

Later, after moving to Nashville and becoming part of the renowned
Christ Church Choir, he attracted the attention of Naomi Judd and her
husband/manager Larry Strickland. They believed in him and were
determined that he would eventually have a singing career.

God always
seems to provide oppor- tunities at the right time. And the right time
for Jonathan’s dream is now. “I want One Love to be music that people
can enjoy, that they can remember, and that they can use in their daily
lives. I hope that somehow listeners will find a little more strength in
God’s love after listening to these songs.”

About his June 30 concert Jonathon, says, “It’s exciting for me to be
back in Nashville, my hometown – to do a concert at a church. The only
other time I performed in Nashville was at the Dove Awards and at Sam’s
Place, and of course at my home church – Christ Church. This will give
people in Nashville a chance to see who Jonathon Pierce is and what his
music is all about.
Basically what the whole tour is about is people
restoring their dream and learning they can have success in life by
doing and being what God wants us to be.”



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