Jeff Deyo – Saturate

Jeff Deyo (formerly of Sonicflood) has returned
stronger than ever with SATURATE, on Gotee Records.
With a new band, SATURATE continues the modern rock
worship passion that made Sonicflood so successful.
The album contains great new worship anthems and also
revisits classics. Highlights include the new songs
“Lose Myself” and “Let It Flow”, which echos Jeff’s heart and
mission: “I want to see your Spirit moving through the
streets, touching everyone to bring us to our knees.”
Deyo spoke about the transition from Sonicflood to
now. He said, “I was really seeking
the Lord as to what he wanted me to do exactly. I
honestly wasn’t sure. I had really enjoyed what I had
done with Sonicflood. I was very proud of that and
didn’t want to stop?I said, ‘Lord, if you want me to
continue doing this stuff, you’re going to have to
provide, make the phone ring, open up the doors, and give me
a new band.’ So that’s exactly what happened. God
just showed me his faithfulness though that, because
it was a difficult time for me.” Within a few months
of Jeff’s departure from Sonicflood, he was already
back on the radio with the song “These Hands”,
recorded for a Max Lucado album project.
Jeff now has a brand-new band. Guitarist Rob
Hawkins had emailed Jeff and was looking for a band.
He started out as a volunteer for Worship City Praise.
Deyo said, “On a hot sunny day, (Rob) sweated, moved
speakers, set up tables for us, did all this crazy
work. I met him that evening and found out that he
was a guitar player.” From there, Jeff invited him to
his house to hear him play. Rob joined the band the
following week.
Jeremy McCoy has reunited with Jeff to play bass
guitar. He said, “Jeff and I go way back, even before
Sonicflood days. I actually used to play for him at
camps.” While he was in school at Lee University in
Cleveland, TN, Jeremy developed a heart and passion
for worship music. “I started learning about what
worship was.”, says McCoy. When Jeff needed a new
bass player he recruited Jeremy.
Fred Williams has joined the band on keyboards. He
described the process. “I saw Sonicflood (minus Jeff)
two years ago at Atlanta Fest and found out that Jeff
was doing Worship City Praise in Nashville.” Fred
sent Jeff an email, thanking him for Sonicflood’s
ministry. “They had changed my youth group, my life,
and my Church”, says Williams. Jeff emailed back,
asking Fred if he know of any keyboard players for an
upcoming event. Fred emailed him back and said, “How
about me?” He got the job and went with Jeff to lead
a worship conference at Purdue University.
Nate Winters is the new drummer. Nate told his story
about joining Jeff’s band. “He called a buddy of mine,
session player Scott Williamson” who referred Nate to
Jeff. “I come home and there’s a message on the answering
machine, ‘Hey, this is Jeff Deyo of Sonicflood and
I’ve got an opportunity for you here. Give me a
call!’ Immediately, I started freaking out!” After a
few back and forth phone calls, Nate came aboard.
Jeff spoke about a Bible passage that inspires the way
he and the band pursue God and worship. Jeff said that
in John 4:23, Jesus tells us, “The Father is
looking for worshippers that will worship Him in
Spirit and Truth.” Jeff said, “If you focus on
both, there is balance, that God wants us to have.
(Heart and Mind) Both need to be fully engaged in
order for us to be completely consumed and surrendered
to God.”
Worship City Praise started with Sonicflood as “Sonic
Praise” worship gatherings in Nashville. “Worship
City Praise is a long-term goal for us. Worship City
Ministries sends us out all over to do worship,” says
Deyo. There are plans for a continued focus in
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