Jason Upton Ministers at Historic Convention

Amidst the escalating tensions in the Middle East, 40
Records’ recording artist, worship leader and minister, Jason Upton spent
Passover/Easter in Tel Aviv, Israel, ministering at a historic convention,
“Let the Thirsty Come” for Jewish and Arab believers. The convention was
hosted by The Watchman International, an organization devoted to helping
churches unite in prayer for restoration, revival and spiritual awakening
amongst people groups inhabiting Israel.
For four days, Upton held worship sessions with renowned speakers such as
Dr. Michael Brown, Robert Gladstone and Scott Volk, all of the Fire School
of Ministry. During that time, Palestinian assailants carried out six
bombings against Israel including one in the conference host city of Tel
Aviv. Furthermore, demonstrations were held each night by Orthodox Jews
protesting against the involvement of evangelical Christians in the
“It was fascinating to spend time with both Arabs and Jews in one place, to
see them eating together and worshipping together even though all our styles
and languages were different,” said Upton. “Without a doubt Jesus was, is,
and will forever be the only true peace-maker and peace-keeper for our
world. All governments and all religious institutions (including
Christianity) are both unfulfilled and powerless to give life and bring
unity without Jesus.”
The conference drew more than 1,500 Israelis, Arabs, Ethiopian Jews and
Russian Jews who assembled together for the largest gathering of indigenous
Middle Eastern believers since Israel was declared a nation in 1948.
Since completing their Masters of Divinity program at Regent University,
Jason and his wife Rachel have made worship their passion and turned their
home into a regular place of worship. It was through this that they realized
that the songs that God was inspiring through them were becoming spiritual
keys unlocking and permitting freedom of worship. This commitment to
worship is regularly exemplified at conferences such as “Let the Thirsty
Come”, around the world. Upton continues to minister weekly in worship
settings and is preparing for The Call New York on June 29th, 2002.


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