Jason Johnston CD Review

“Open Wide”

This CD is filled with 12 tracks of music that can best be
described as a collision of Folk, Pop and, Rock collide with Techno,
Rap and, even Spoken Word. The result is a CD that leaves your ears as
full as a good meal does your stomach.

The songs are filled with powerful lyrics like those found in the
song,” En Christo”, who’s lyrics talk about the freeing power that comes
from God’s spirit in our lives. In the song ” Authority ” the lyrics talk
about how we have become too dependent on the things of this world to
meet our needs instead of relying on God to provide for us.

Also found on
the CD is the Keith Green song “Asleep In The Light”, with its powerful
lyrics about God’s desire to reach out to everyone and the need for us as
Christians to not sit in our comfortable church pews but to go out and
share the message of God’s word and His love to lost souls.

One other song I have to mention is the upbeat, tap your toes and
dance fun song “Dance On The Devil ” this song will have you up dancing
and singing praises to God.
This CD is filled with great music and powerful lyrics. It will not
only entertain you but more important get you thinking about God and His
place in your life. I suggest you buy this CD for yourself and while at
it why not buy one to give a friend.

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