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The new release from Jared, Where Faith Comes From, is the follow up to his 2006 debut Where To Begin. Jared has served full-time on the worship team at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado for several years. The mega church has been in the news recently for negative things like a church scandal and a tragic shooting at the church.
Set against that backdrop, the songs found on Where Faith Comes From are written for those times in your faith life when your not sure why something is happening or what to do about it. Jared says that, “It’s like your driving down the road in the fog, and you can’t see the line. To have faith is to continue driving.”
You’ll find upbeat sing along songs like, “Promise” that deal with submitting totally to the Lord’s will and seeking His truth everyday, and “All I Want” a song worshiping the Lord and trusting Him in a world that’s gone crazy.
You’ll also find more melodic songs like “Glorified” that’s all about worshiping a God who deserves our best, and “Hiding Place” that deals with the comfort that comes from knowing the Lord and the safety that comes with it.
This release is well done, the music whether piano or guitar lead, is tight and the messages make you both think about and offer hope for those times when it might seem like all hope is lost.
Jared already has several songs like, “Rescue”, “Amazed”, and “Hear Us From Heaven.” that can be heard being sung on Sunday in many churches. I’m sure that several new songs from Where Faith Comes From will be added to that list soon.
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