Jacob’s Well

Touring full-time since their debut release in 2001, Jacob’s Well has quickly gathered an impressive grassroots following all over the country with their unique blend of acoustic guitars, drums/percussion and huge 3-part harmonies. The band’s ability to take literal passages of God’s Word and put them to music has been one of the qualities that has attracted so many people to listen.
Featuring husband and wife duo Rob and Elise Loomis on acoustic guitars, and Kevin Blackwood on drums, Jacob’s Well is about knowing Jesus Christ, who is better than anything else in this life and making Him known to all who would listen.
Before beginning a full-time traveling ministry, the trio served on the worship team at Calvary Chapel in Poulsbo, Washington for five years.
The band’s name was selected from John 4, where Jesus met the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s Well.
“When the woman asked Jesus where she could worship, He said to her, ‘The father seeks those who worship Him in spirit and in truth.’ It is our desire as a band to lead people into the presence of God in both spirit and truth. We emphasize the use of God’s Word, which is the truth, and worship with it in spirit,” Elise Loomis said.
Today, the band keeps a busy schedule performing more than 150 concerts each year.
“One of my favorite memories was our first trip to Georgia,” Kevin Blackwood said. “We visited a Korean-American church just outside Atlanta, and as we broke into the first song, the entire auditorium began singing with us. It overwhelmed us to say the least… We couldn’t believe that they knew every word from our songs! It was incredibly moving.”
In addition, Jacob’s Well has established Well Water Music Independent Artist Association to assist other Christian artists. “We started WWM to help bring recognition to some wonderful independent artists that we believe are highly focused on ministry,” Rob Loomis explained.
“We give them a web-presence and an audience that we have built through our own years of ministry as Jacob’s Well, along with the support of other artists. This creates a great atmosphere of fellowship and accountability that we feel is essential for a healthy, growing ministry. We have exciting plans for WWM in the future, but for now, we wish to remain small and focused on a select few artists whom we can really pour ourselves into. A few of the artists we are currently working with are Joey Witham, Amy’s Confession, Asher Seevinck, Jamie Pruitt, and Matt Allison.”
As they travel around the country leading worship, Jacob’s Well shares their desire for people to gain a better understanding of the majesty of God and a new zeal to be in His word.
“Music is one of the most obvious universal languages we all speak,” Rob Loomis said. “Every human can respect music and can relate to it in some way. People can even attribute moments in their life to a piece of music, recalling every aspect of that moment just by hearing a few notes of a song. Music draws people in, captures their attention, speaks to them through its lyrics and even has been shown to help in physical healing. When you take all of this and add the element of using it to draw people into worship of our Creator, or to use it as a personal tool to worship God, it becomes enormously powerful and returns to its original purpose.
“There’s no wonder that there has been an influx of teaching on the subject of ‘worship’ in recent years to explain the difference between a ‘lifestyle’ of worship and worship just through musical expression. Early in my faith in Christ, I attributed ‘worship’ as singing songs to Jesus. I have since grown through solid teaching of the Word that worshiping our Creator is not just something that occurs through music, but should occur through every aspect of our daily life as believers.”

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