It’s Time To Count Your Blessings!

Okay, so maybe you haven’t achieved all you thought you would achieve by this time in your life. Maybe you have said, “By now, I thought I would have (you name it)… It could be a feeling of falling short in business, family, finances, education or some other area. If you are experiencing these rather common human pangs, the feelings are often magnified by living in a world riddled with negative events enhanced by news media under the gun to produce stories 24/7.
With it being common place to talk about aches and pains, bad weather and tragic happenings, it may be easier for many people to list things they don’t like about themselves and the world than to list the positives. But take a few minutes today to concentrate on the great things you have going for you.
In my “A Strategy For Winning” book and programs, I encourage people to inspect their strengths, abilities and interests. The objective is to discover, develop and use these assets wisely. This is a good place for you to start feeling better about yourself and your surroundings. List natural gifts and personal strengths you have developed so far. Consider the times you have used these and list the positive results. Start focusing on ways you can apply these qualities to reach other goals.
As you think about your accomplishments and how you can build on them, give yourself a reward for what you have done and for what you are going to do. The reward may be a special day or evening – something you truly enjoy. You may experience it alone or with others.
Talk to yourself positively. People who express, “I just can’t seem to get ahead,” find themselves falling more behind. People who express, “I know I have strengths, talents and interests to reach this goal and I’m going to keep on until I reach it,” often find themselves accomplishing dreams. There is much to be said about Proverbs 23:7, “As a person thinks, so is this person.”
Love others and tell them. This will do wonders for you and them. Verbalize it face to face and write notes. You could tell them how you appreciate having them in your life. You might express how their belief in you has helped you. Don’t just assume anyone knows how much you love and appreciate him or her. I read an article reporting that many people incarcerated in prisons have never said or been told, “I love you and appreciate you.”
Make a list of things for which you are grateful. We take a lot for granted. When we focus on things for which we should be grateful it certainly helps shift our focus from negative to positive. That’s not to say we should wear blinders and ignore negatives. It is to say we can concentrate on positives to help overcome negatives.
Forgive someone. Holding grudges is one of the most destructive, energy-sapping activities in which we can be involved. Let it go. Don’t allow negativity instituted by someone else rob you of happiness. Choose wisely how you want to forgive the person. Some people even write a letter and never send it. The important thing is to make sure you release the negative energy.
Exercise regularly. Not only does exercise help you stay in shape physically, it helps you stay in shape mentally and spiritually. Endorphins released by your body through exercise make you feel happier and healthier. Get the blood flowing on a regular basis.
Laugh at yourself and others. Don’t take everything so seriously. Jerry Vale recorded a song years ago titled “Even The Bad Times Are Good.” They can be when we see the positive and the humorous in just about every situation.
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