It Is Good to Be An American



Surely his salvation is near those who fear him,
that his glory may dwell in our land.
Psalm 85:9
We live in a great country that is truly blessed by the hand of God! Our country was founded by God-fearing men, who were not ashamed of Jesus Christ! They boldly stood on the Word of God and implemented It into our country’s foundation! They knew that HIS sovereign Word would outlast them and this new world they were establishing! They knew that as time changed God would never change (Heb. 13:8)! They knew that God’s Word was the plumb-line of absolute Truth and anything based off of HIS precepts would promote the good which they were striving for! Most of the framers of the constitution, knew Christ and were Born-again believers! If they could fast forward to our present day, they would be appalled with how their words are being interpreted and upheld! I am sure that they also assumed after 200 plus years, we would be a nation that not only stood on the Bible but embraced the fact that God was woven into the fabric of our society. I believe they would not only be saddened but devastated by how our courts allow and listen to arguments of taking God out of our county’s pledge, money, schools…..speeches…etc! I am sure that they would have been more specific if they would have know the extent some have gone to ‘delete’ God from our country!
As the Body of Christ, HIS chosen people, we could sit around and be frustrated about all of this or we can take our concerns to the ONE who is in control of everything! He is, and has always been in control of our country! Even if a leader takes over that does not fear God……..God will still be in control over the United States of America! We need to stand on God’s Sovereign Word, claim HIS promises, like Psalm 33:12 “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, the people he chose for his inheritance, ” Just as David came against Goliath……one young, small boy that was appalled by Goliath! Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God?” (1 Sam. 17:26) He didn’t look at the size of the giant because he was focused on the size of his God and the absolute Truth that backed HIS promises!!! How about the vast army that came against Jehoshaphat in 2 Chron. 20!? Look at his response. He focused on God and believed HE was who HE said he was and the HE would do what HE said HE would do!! He did not fix his eyes on the trouble that was coming! Joshua in the battle of Jericho, Peter walking on the water……no matter the opposing force God is always more than enough!! All these men of God knew HIM, they had bold faith and they acted on it and made a move!!

We must make a move, we aren’t defeated if we have Christ!! We cannot let trouble sideline us but, drive us to our knees. We must go before the throne and intercede for our great country and the leaders! Bring the issues at hand before the LORD, cry out to HIM like Isaiah and Jeremiah did for their wayward people!!! God listens…..HE is not moved into actions by the “polls” and popular opinion! Praise HIM! That is where I find my security and hope, in HIM and knowing that HE hears, HE sees all!! Know that the climate of our morality has not caught HIM off guard (grieved HIM, yes!) but, HE is not caught off guard! We can make a difference if we use the most powerful weapons we have, the Word and Prayer!!

This July 4th, commit to pray daily for our great Nation…..I mean truly commit. The repercussion would be monumental if all God’s people would pray! Implement this into your celebration and use it as a mile marker each year to see God’s hand and to be thankful for all that we have to celebrate! Make each day a different topic of prayer like, the leaders of our Government, leaders in our military, our military, the families of our military, different issues that tear at the fabric of our country (i.e., gay marriages, stem cell use, abortion, God being taken out of the pledge and off our currency). When you pray for our President our leaders in government and military, pray for discernment, Godly wisdom, salvation to those that don’t know Christ, protection, and Godly guidance. (We are blessed to have a God-fearing man as President!! We have definitely reaped the blessings to have a man that honors God, pursues HIS will and stands on the Word!! Pray, pray, pray for him!)
Our troops need to be covered in prayer and so do their families. They need prayer for protection, strength, discernment–opportunities to share their faith, for hearts of soldiers to be softened that don’t know Christ and guidance, peace and hope! The families need lots of prayer, I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have a son, daughter, husband, wife or loved one in battle! If you know someone who has a loved one overseas, pray for them specifically and then take the time to thank them for their sacrifice! Pray for your state and local Government and for school systems! Every where freedom is evident ….it came at a price…..cover it in prayer and be thankful!!
With controversial issues it is so good, as a Christian, to be informed about these things. Even if you aren’t informed, God is!! Bring them before HIS throne and ask HIM to put HIS hand on the matter. Then do what you can to stay on top of it, be prepared to defend your beliefs with the Word, not your opinion. You don’t have to argue, just shine the light on what the “Word says” and say no more and don’t apologize for IT! Do it all in love! The worst thing you could do is become informed and then go looking for an argument with your liberal, environmentalist, new age coworker! Remember, God loves them dearly and if you have people like this sprinkled throughout your life, God has strategically position you to witness to them! They are watching how you react, when hot topics are brought up, use it as an opportunity to witness through your convictions and actions!
Lets march into the enemy’s camp and take back what he has stolen from us! Celebrate this Fourth with hope and bold faith, standing on the promises of the Word! I will leave you with some scripture that you can stand on! Praise God for HIS goodness, our freedom and those that paid with their lives, so that we could live in the best country ever! Happy 4th of July 2004!!

2 CHRON 7:11-22
The LORD Appears to Solomon
When Solomon had finished the temple of the LORD and the royal palace, and had succeeded in carrying out all he had in mind to do in the temple of the LORD and in his own palace, the LORD appeared to him at night and said: “I have heard your prayer and have chosen this place for myself as a temple for sacrifices. “When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command locusts to devour the land or send a plague among my people, if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. Now my eyes will be open and my ears attentive to the prayers offered in this place. I have chosen and consecrated this temple so that my Name may be there forever. My eyes and my heart will always be there.

“As for you, if you walk before me as David your father did, and do all I command, and observe my decrees and laws, I will establish your royal throne, as I covenanted with David your father when I said, ‘You shall never fail to have a man to rule over Israel.’ “But if you turn away and forsake the decrees and commands I have given you and go off to serve other gods and worship them, then I will uproot Israel from my land, which I have given them, and will reject this temple I have consecrated for my Name. I will make it a byword and an object of ridicule among all peoples. And though this temple is now so imposing, all who pass by will be appalled and say,’Why has the LORD done such a thing to this land and to this temple?’ People will answer, ‘Because they have forsaken the LORD , the God of their fathers, who brought them out of Egypt, and have embraced other gods, worshiping and serving them-that is why he brought all this disaster on them.’ “


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