Is the 7th Harry Potter Movie Hastening a Diabolic Trend Among Teens?

Pottermania will experience one last spasm as the Grand Finale of Harry Potter movies, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 2), opens July 15. When the book was released in July 2007, 11 million copies sold in 24 hours, making it the “fastest selling book in history.” When HP 7 (Part 2) hits theaters this Friday, once again, global interest will soar higher than Quidditch players seeking Golden Snitches.
While most consider all anti-Potterism downright Mugglish, concerns remain high among many parents over exactly where these novels and movies, along with Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga, are catapulting this generation of kids.
Consider this: It’s no secret that the Harry Potter storyline about both good and evil wizards has fueled global teenage increase in Wicca and the occult. Next, Stephanie Meyer’s The Twilight Saga about good and evil vampires has done the same thing for vampirism. Blood drinking among teens has surged. What’s next? Here’s a terrifying possibility: New novels (made into movies?) about “good” and evil demons, and the thrill of being possessed by the “good ones.” Two mesmerizing tales with such storylines are immensely popular right now: Diana Rowland’s series about detective Kara Gillian, a Summoner of Demons; and Jenna Black’s novels about exorcist Morgan Kingsley who allows a sexy Demon King to inhabit her body “to save the human race.”
Think carefully: What might happen if a “third wave” of popular entertainment inspires gullible teenagers to seek possession by demonic entities, thinking it’s good for them? To those who believe in a real behind-the-scenes war between good and evil, the prospect is truly terrifying.
Steve Wohlberg, Speaker/Director of White Horse Media (Priest River, ID) and bestselling author of Exposing Harry Potter and Witchcraft (Destiny Image, 2007) and The Trouble with Twilight (Destiny Image 2010) is deeply passionately about where occult-laden entertainment is heading. TV producer (Israel in Prophecy, Hour of the Witch), radio host, and the author of 26 books, he has appeared in three History Channel documentaries (Strange Rituals, Secrets of the Seven Seals, The Armageddon Battle Plan), and has spoken by special invitation inside the Pentagon and U.S. Senate.
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Editor’s Note: I have written several articles pointing out the difference between Bible-referenced demons and witches vs. creations of fiction like Frankenstein, werewolves, elves, and vampires, so I do not agree with all of Wohlberg’s assumptions. However, I do find his “third wave” idea disturbing and worth considering.
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