Interview with Sky Harbor

Erin: Can you tell us the story behind Sky Harbor?

Garth: Basically my brother and I teamed up with Steve when we were kids. We knew each other from school and church. The way we came to start playing music is that we were just really into bands. We loved playing music. We were just little punk rock kids who wanted to start a band. So that went from one thing to another.

Erin: Your album “Who Would Have Guessed” just came out, can you tell us a little bit about it?

Willie: We are really excited that it is out. It is our first album. A lot of the themes of the album have to do with things that we would have never guessed that were true, just within our lives and in our Christian lives. It is rock n roll. Just with us in the band it is us searching for answers to questions and us searching for our sound, just things like that.

Erin: I saw that Garth did the majority of the writing for the album, do the rest of you write?

Garth: We write as a band but I did most of the writing for this album.

Erin: If you could go on tour with any band who would you chose?

Garth: I would say U2.

Willie: Queen

Jonathan: Switchfoot!

Erin: What is it like for the two of you who are brothers to tour together?

Garth: It is beautiful! It is like living together!

Willie: I think I like him more than I like the other guys. I am just joking! It is fun!

Erin: Do you have any desire to take your music out of the Christian music industry?

Garth: If those doors open up then we would walk through there. As long as it is God wanting us to do that then we would love to.

Erin: What would you say is the most difficult part about being on the road?

Willie: It is what you would think. It is missing your home and your friends and family. That is the worst part.

Erin: If you were not doing this for a living what would you be doing?

Willie: I would be a plumber!

Garth: I would be going to college full time.

Steve: I would be a basketball player!

Jonathan: I would probably be in college too.

Erin: Where do you see yourselves in the next five years?

Willie: In the next five years I think I will be working at Guitar Center trying to sell you a guitar and name dropping names of bands that you never heard of that I opened up for.

Jonathan: I just want to be very rich and wealthy and I will be a snob. I am just joking!

Erin: What aspirations do you have for the band?

Willie: I would like us to be a great live Rock n Roll band.

Garth: I hope that we will be able to make albums that change people’s lives, albums that really affect people. Albums that people listen to again and again and that they can relate to almost like they would relate to their favorite book.


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