Interview with Destination Known

Destination Known is made up of Blake Bollinger, Jordan Critz and bass player Jozef Bobula. More than just a band, DK loves hanging out with students as they desire to make Jesus Christ real to them through their music and through their lives.
Their newest worship CD, “Every Moment,” is by far the group’s most impressive album to date and it is a true reflection of their passion to lead others in authentic worship. Listeners will be challenged to look deeper into their hearts and to make every moment of their lives count for eternity.
Leann: What would you say makes this CD different from your other CDs?

Jordan Critz: I think this CD has a unique musical quality to it that is very diverse. We’ve really returned to our piano roots and that is very obvious with the new project.
Leann: What’s your favorite song on the CD?

Blake Bollinger: That’s a tough oneā€¦ Obviously the songs that we wrote are closest to our hearts. One particularly cool thing is in the song “Every Moment.” Jordan’s grandfather was a very godly man who really exemplified what it means to make every moment in your life count. He recently passed away from cancer, but during Jordan’s last visit, he used his phone to record his grandfather reading scripture to the family as he had done for years. If you listen closely, you can hear it mixed in near the end of the song.
Leann: What’s involved in your songwriting process and what’s your inspiration?

Jordan Critz: I never just sit down to write a song. All my songs come from life experience. Some songs come from love and pain, some come from joy and sorrow, and mostly I write about God working in the middle of all this. Writing songs is never a job for me. It’s a part my life and how I get things out.
Leann: Tell about how people have been responding to your original songs.

Jordan Critz: We’ve had incredible responses to the whole CD. Lots of various responses. I’ve heard people say some songs inspired them and challenged their walk with God, while other songs ministered to them when they were going through a rough time.
Leann: Talk about how the band has changed over the years.

Jordan Critz: The band has changed drastically over the past few years. There used to be more members and our sound was very different. It worked back then, but where we are now is the sound we’ve been working for and evolving to through the years. We’re very happy with where the band is right now.

Leann: What’s the favorite part of what you do?

Blake Bollinger: We love playing live and recording in the studio. Taking a song from conception to the final product on a CD is very tedious, but also very rewarding. The best part though comes after the album comes out — when people have learned the songs and are singing along at the top of their lungs at a concert or worship service.
Leann: What’s the most important thing you want to teach people about worship?

Jordan Critz: I want to teach them that worship is so much more than just singing songs to God. It’s about living for God in our everyday lives and not compartmentalizing Him. He has given us a new life and a better way to live, and for that, we should be eternally grateful.
Leann: What do you feel hinders some youth from worship?

Blake Bollinger: I think a lot of youth just don’t really get what worship is. It is viewed as merely a time to sing songs instead of an expression of what is in the heart. Worship as a lifestyle is new concept for a lot of people.
Leann: What would you say makes Destination Known different from other Christian bands?

Jordan Critz: I think that in today’s culture, people are looking for an experience and something that is transparent that they can relate to. I think our music is just that. It’s real life songs that come from real life struggles, joys and questions about God. We believe that is something everybody can relate to. We always want to strive for a standard of excellence in whatever we do.
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