In Remembrance

Today is a somber day. We live in a different world since the events
of 9-11-01. While I don’t dwell on tragedy, I do pray for our world,
our nation, our churches and for Jerusalem. I pray for families,
loved ones and for those I have never met.
I read a story this morning that broke my heart. The following came
from the ICEJ News Service:
A funeral was held today for Nava Appelbaum, 20, instead of her
Her father, Dr. David Appelbaum, 50, head of the emergency
department in Shaarei Zedek Hospital and founder of an emergency
clinic in Jerusalem was also killed. Dr. Appelbaum took his daughter
to the café to chat the night before her wedding.
Dr. Applebaum, an expert in treating bombing victims, just returned
from lecturing on the subject in America. He was usually the first to
report to the hospital after a bombing, but there was no sign of him
Tuesday night.
“It was clear to me from very early on that David Applebaum – when
hedidn’t show up and I knew he was in Jerusalem and he hadn’t
called – that a terrible tragedy had occurred,” said Yonatan Halevy,
director of Shaarei Tzedek Hospital. “Confirmation of my suspicions
came shortly.”
A paramedic at the scene recognized Dr. Applebaum. The nurses
and doctors, shocked and grieved, continued to treat the stream of
Nava’s fiancee, Chanan Sand, 20, fainted when he heard the news.
At the funeral he placed their wedding ring on Nava’s body as it was
lowered to the grave.
For those who share the sorrow:
Dear Nava
There will be no wedding bells today,
there will be no bride in white.
The groom has bid his love goodbye,
and was lowered out of sight.
There will be no wedding bliss today,
no celebrations, none are glad.
For Nava, meant to marry
instead is buried with her dad.
There will be no wedding wine today,
no toast, no words of praise.
Grief and anquish fill the streets
of Jerusalem’s malaise.
There will be no vows today,
there are no words to say.
This requiem says “it is done”
there is no bride today.
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