I Made Lemonade – A Pop/Rock/Celtic Music Celebration!




The new CD Release from critically acclaimed recording artist Ceili Rain, a pop/rock/Celtic music celebration, has been announced. After five successful “label” projects, Bob Halligan Jr. (front-man for Ceili Rain) took a step away from the traditional industry route and has created a CD that not only encompasses his flair for lyrical creativity and instrumentation, but also embodies a spirit of community in bringing this project to fruition.
Halligan took his idea of creating a “sponsorship CD” directly to the people that continue to support his mission – the Ceili Rain fans. Without hesitation, many (from all parts of the world) stepped forward to support the vision of this recording project.
I Made Lemonade was inspired by the debates, the troubles, and the love that surrounds this long-time songwriter. Bob Halligan wanted the songs to be simple, without being “dopey”. He wanted a bigger sounding record that listeners could turn up loud. Halligan wanted this collection of songs to crossover, and to stir the senses of a variety of audiences. Although Ceili Rain records have always been upbeat and uplifting, I Made Lemonade is sometimes a bit more overt with the spirituality. However, Halligan’s penchant for remaining subtle and below the radar is never fully ignored. The goal of I Made Lemonade is to bring hope to the listener.
I Made Lemonade and all other titles in the Ceili Rain discography are available at www.ceilirain.com. The CD will also be distributed through CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, and other digital download distributors.
According to the Ceili Rain website, the name Ceili Rain comes from “Ceili” (pronounced KAY-lee), a Gaelic (Irish) word that means “party,” specifically one with live musicians, dancing and general merriment. “Coeli” is a form of the Latin word for “heaven.” Rain is that stuff that falls from the sky. Thus, Ceili Rain is a “downpour of heavenly partiness.”
Ceili Rain is an innovative blend of pop-rock music with a dash of Celtic/Irish flavor and a subtle, but sincere, spiritual message. The band is led by front man, Bob Halligan Jr. As a songwriter, Bob Halligan, Jr., has had over 140 songs recorded by well-known rock artists, including Cher, Michael Bolton, Judas Priest, KISS, Kathy Mattea, Bob Carlisle, Rebecc a St. James, Jump 5, Maire Brennan and countless others. He has published over 870 songs and his songs have sold more than 30 million units.

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I Made Lemonade – A Pop/Rock/Celtic Music Celebration
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