Holy Spirit Hit List

Do you often find yourself falling victim to the stress of each new day? Do you allow traffic, the kids, pressure from work, your ‘to-do list’ or perfect strangers to send you over the edge? These are daily arrows from satan that he launches to slowly weaken our foundation and then when the big storms come, his attacks are much more effective! But as children of the living God, we can turn these daily attacks around! We just need to access the strength of the Holy Spirit and the lessons of Christ!
As you awake each day, equip yourself with the Armor of God (Ephesians. 6:10-20 ), ask for strength from the Holy Spirit and for the eyes and ears of a servant! Now pray that everyone you lay eyes on be blessed by the Lord, if they don’t know Christ as their Savior, pray that they will come to know Him. Place your hand over you’r eyes as you pray this. Now you are ready for your mission and for God to reveal the “Holy Spirit Hit-List,” for your day. This will include everyone who will cross your path, from visual, verbal or physical contact!
As you drive in your car, taxi or bus, consider it your mission field, you are a Jesus Spy.. entrusted with secret things..a secret mission for the kingdom, I Corinthians 4:1. When you see someone riding a bike, walking, pushing a stroller or sitting beside you, pray for them! Pray for everyone you see! Then, as you come into contact with grumpy, bitter people, consider it an honor to be chosen to effect them. There are factors making them react the way they do, and you have no idea what it is but, you are well aware of a Holy Factor that is about to effect them! Also, keep in mind that Jesus Christ dearly loves this unlovable person and He has chosen you for this assignment! You have adequately armed yourself, all you have to do now is draw on the strength from the Spirit and you’ll be a powerful tool in the Master’s hand. It might just be a smile, a silent prayer, a kind word or a verbal ‘God bless you,’ that you give! Whatever holy weapon you choose, they are not going to leave your presence without being touched by His Presence!
This mission is twofold, it strengthens you as a servant and takes your eyes off of your own storms to fix them on Christ! And we learned from Peter, we can do the impossible when we keep our eyes on Him and not the approaching waves! This will strengthen our foundation in Christ and our walk with Him while at the same time, we are storing up treasures in heaven for a firm foundation of the coming Age.
I Timothy 6:19.


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