Hollow Bunny




Did you ever bite into a chocolate bunny only to discover that is was hollow — what a disappointment! All set for a mouth full of chocolate but ended up with a sparse bite of flavor! This hollow bunny is a great representation of Easter without Christ! You take Him out of the celebration and you end up with an empty holiday, decorated with all of the frills but void of meaning and as hollow as the bunny. Like the pseudo, solid rabbit, you think you are getting a wonderful deal until you bite into it! Dressing up, going to church and following the crowd does not make it sincere or personal. Christ made it very personal when He went to the cross! That is the reason we should do the same and make it personal with Him as well! It was not a pretend death or resurrection! It was true and solid, fulfilling prophecy. Christ conquered death, hell and the grave for us! He is a real Savior for real people w! ho have real; feelings, problems, hurts and a passion to serve! He too has felt pain, rejection and has seen misery. Christ will never betray or give you false hope. He always keeps His promises! There is a hunger and thirst that only He can quench!
Easter is a perfect time to dive into your relationship with Jesus Christ. If you don’t know Him personally, ask Him into your heart, to forgive your sins and be your Lord and Savior (Rms. 10:9 & 10; Acts 4:12; John 14:6!) Offer Him all of yourself, no more hollow deception! Give Him all of your heart, holding back nothing. Never be satisfied with mediocrity in your walk with Christ! Don’t be afraid, Jesus will never leave you or forsake you. And rest assured that the only thing empty about Christ, is the tomb He left behind. Proving that He was EXACTLY who He said He was!
Most people only purchase a hollow bunny on accident, once. The label is checked carefully the next time, to ensure protection from the chocolate deception. Do the same with Christ and read His word, get to know
Him. Sink your teeth into this relationship and savor your Savior. Get caught up in His love and pursuit for you! Don’t be deceived and miss out by just walking through the motion of tradition! Celebrate this Sunday by offering up your very best worship to God, in honor His Very Best Sacrifice to you, given 2000 years ago! No more hollow celebration, but a rock solid one! Happy Easter!
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