Hold My Hand




It was a very dark and drizzly night, and I was on holiday with a
I knew that nearby was a beautiful grotto in the bush where millions of
glow-worms shone at night. The path led up to a clearing that finished with
a safety fence. Beyond that was a waterfall cascading down a cliff face
into a pool.
There were no guiding lights, but as we waited, tiny pinpoints of light
began showing up all over the place. It seemed strange to realise these
lights were produced by either the larval, pupal, or adult stage of a fly.
They loved to hide under the fern fronds, or any other damp and shady
Because I knew the way, and was confident I was able to guide her safely, I
invited my friend to go further up the path. Soon, however, she stopped in
her tracks. I couldn’t understand why she was so fearful of moving on.
Certainly, the rushing water sounded much closer than I knew it to be, so I
offered her the security of my hand. It made no difference. She couldn’t
see what was ahead, and was fearful of what she imagined was there, so I was
unable to persuade her to move on any further.
I have to admit it hurt a little that she would not trust me to guide her.
Since that episode though, I have got to wondering how often I’ve done the
same sort of thing to God. Sometimes I have even put my hand in His, and
said, “I trust you, Lord,” but, because I couldn’t see the way ahead,
refused to move.
How sad that must make Him, for He has promised, “For I am the Lord, your
God. who takes hold of your right hand and says to you. Do not fear; I will
help you. ” Is. 41:13
We are facing a New Year, a year of unknown things, and it can be like
walking in the dark, but darkness can be bearable if you are holding the
hand of a loved one, because you know you are not alone. Even better, if we
trust the Lord, who is The Light, He will show us the way.
Jesus said, ” Walk by the light you have so darkness doesn?t destroy you.
If you walk in darkness, you don?t know where you’re going. As you have the
light, believe in the light. Then the light will be within you, and shining
through your lives. You’ll be children of light.” (Jn. 12:35,36TM)
Have a Light-filled New Year!
Cynthia Rowse, New Zealand
Copyright 2000
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