‘Hidden Secrets’ to Premiere




Faith-based films are experiencing a revival on the big screen, and family- friendly filmmaker Pure Flix Entertainment and NCM Fathom, a division of National CineMedia, are answering the call for premium Christian entertainment with the debut of “Hidden Secrets,” a new feature-length movie that explores just how explosive it can be when your past becomes your present. The film will premiere nationally in a special 2-night-only event on February 28th and March 1st in 23 markets across the U.S., including Atlanta, Los Angeles, Orlando, Philadelphia, Dallas, Houston, Denver, Phoenix, Nashville and Washington DC.
“Hidden Secrets” will be presented in High-Definition and cinema surround sound in 213 select Regal, United Artists, Edwards, AMC, Cinemark and Georgia Theatre Company movie theatres nationwide at 7:00 p.m. local time. This special 2-night-only premiere event will also include a post-show bonus segment featuring exclusive interviews and musical performances with “Hidden Secrets” cast members. Tickets are available now online at www.FathomEvents.com or at presenting theatre box offices for $9.00
“Hidden Secrets” is a colorful and compelling account of love, friendship, sorrow, regret, conviction, conversion – and ultimately, faith. With a star- studded cast that includes John Schneider (television’s “Smallville” and “Dukes of Hazzard”), Tracy Melchior (from daytime TV’s “The Bold and the Beautiful”), David A.R. White (“Mercy Streets” and “Melrose Place”), and Christian recording artist Rachel Lampa, “Hidden Secrets” tells the story of a young man whose surprise encounter with a painful past opens the door to healing and renewed faith for himself and those he loves.
Joining a group of childhood friends for the hometown funeral of his best friend, Jeremy (White) finds himself caught between his new fiancé and an old flame that still burns deep within his heart. Forced to face his humiliating fall from youth pastor to college party man, Jeremy discovers that he isn’t the only one hiding a dark secret – or in need of mercy and forgiveness. Does anyone ever travel too far down the road of life to be truly forgiven? “Hidden Secrets” offers a dramatic and compelling answer to this burning question, and in the process deals with pressing issues like abortion, homosexuality, premarital sex – and the true meaning of faith. The film also features new hit music by Christian artists Rachael Lampa and Building 429.
Byron Jones of Pure Flix Entertainment noted that the film’s producers took great care to ensure that the plot and dialogue would have strong appeal both to viewers with strong faith as well as to those struggling with issues of faith and forgiveness. “Our goal was to produce a movie that would inspire, encourage, and challenge audience members whatever their level of faith, in addition to being an entertaining, compelling story,” said Jones.
Tom Saab, president of Christian Film Festivals of America, calls “Hidden Secrets” an “outstanding and uplifting story” that will touch everyone who views it. “Hidden Secrets is a movie for everyone…who needs forgiveness,” said Saab. “That means it’s a movie for everyone!”
Susan Zahn, an expert in faith and family media, noted that Hidden Secrets is a movie that will entertain audiences while compelling them to think. “There’s humor, there’s drama, there’s a story here that keeps you engaged,” said Zahn. “But when the lights come back up, you’ll want to talk about what you’ve just experienced – and how the issues touch your own life. Hidden Secrets is one of those movies that will impact everyone who sees it.”

To find out more about Hidden Secrets, visit www.hiddensecrets-themovie.com.

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