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8/22/2002 – in conjunction with the Christian Activities
Mayberry Forum is sponsoring “The
Mayberry Poem – A Tribute to Mayberry.”
“The Andy Griffith Show” was one of television’s most popular sitcoms
during its eight-year run.
The television show that debuted Monday, October 3, 1960, and ran for 249 episodes, 90 of which were color. “Mayberry RFD” and “Gomer Pyle,” two spin-off shows, were equally popular. In fact, “The Andy Griffith Show” has never gone off the air as it has continuously aired in reruns since the enduring sitcoms about family and friends in a small Southern
town went off the air in the late 60’s.
“The show is still a landmark of combining good, clean humor with traditional family values,” says
Christian Activities Online publisher Kathryn Darden. “Much as Bedford Falls still captures the nostalgia and imagination of those who love “It’s a Wonderful Life,”
Mayberry holds a similar sway over those who love “The Andy Griffith Show.” Mayberry is basically the Bedford Falls of the 60’s and is attracting a new generation of viewers today through reruns.”
The Mayberry Poem is an activity anyone who is familiar with “The Andy Griffith Show” can participate in. Christian Activities readers are invited to add a verse or two! Verses can be humorous or inspiring — they just have to
be about Mayberry, “The Andy Griffith Show,” or about any of the
characters on the show. Verses must be in the clean wholesome,
family-value spirit of Mayberry with no offensive or mean-spirited
Aspiring poets are invited to email their poetry to Mayberry Poem or they can post their verses directly into the poem
so they can watch it take shape
right before their eyes on the Mayberry USA Forum. The forum is located
at Mayberry USA
There is no fee to participate; anyone can enter. is not responsible for verses
that get misplaced. Submissions will not be accepted by fax or mail All
entries must be typed in at theMayberry USA Forum or emailed to:Mayberry Poem. You do not have to register for the Mayberry USA Forum to enter. If you have a problem posting your verse you may email it to Mayberry Poem. Please put MAYBERRY POEM in the subject
Join us and help us compile the World’s L-o-n-g-e-s-t poem about
The Mayberry Poem has been published! Read about the first edition here:Mayberry Poem Now in Print
The 2nd edition of the Mayberry Poem is going to be published for 2003. For more info email Mayberry Poem.
If you have questions or comments, there is also a Mayberry Poem
Discussion topic where any
comments and questions may be posted, also located atMayberry USA.
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