He Intercedes

My life, before the cruel one braced for pain. Sensing that his hammer’s unrestrained, I cried aloud for help though none came nigh. I could not see the Savior standing by. Feeling helpless, pressed to voice a plea until a blest assurance came to me: “Lay not a hand nor blow upon this one. I’ve heard his humble prayer, for he’s a son.”
Amazed, confused, trembling and shaken, I sensed a pure reprieve and burden taken. Who is this One, who came to take my pain? A stranger, yet convinced I know His name! I know the voice and love that He exudes! I’ve felt a strong anointing as He moves. Is this the Christ of God I finally see? Is this the Lamb attending unto me?
I’ve known of His redemption through the cross, and I’ve read how he died there for the lost. But can it be He’s here before me now, to come beside and take my pain somehow? My eyes are finally open to His realm! He daily intercedes and overwhelms! The Lamb of God pursues and never rests. Giving of Himself, and loving best.
What sacrifice and love the Lord displays as every hour He works in different ways
To pour upon us heaven’s interceding; angels too, sent forth to do His pleading.
Many blows of life He intercepts. Acting out of love without regrets.
There is no other Savior such as Thee, who offers up Himself, instead of me.


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