Hard Lessons

I remember as a youngster, being told that I was never to interfere with the struggles of a baby bird when it was
trying to get out of its egg. That seemed fine as a piece of advice, but once, when I observed for myself the
seemingly awful struggle of a baby bird trying to hatch from its egg, I was sure that this particular creature was
having a harder time than it was meant to have. I just couldn?t resist the urge to help it, by breaking off some of the
shell. Of course I was devastated when all my well-meaning efforts meant the baby bird died soon after. At the
time, I really couldn?t understand why.
Some things don?t seem to change much.
Last summer I invited a neighbor’s little girl to come and watch a monarch butterfly emerge from its chrysalis. She
brought an older friend with her who seemed to be very much the leader. Since I had spent the afternoon watching
other butterflies coming out, I left the girls to their observations. After a while I heard them leave, and went out to
check on the progress of a chrysalis they had been watching. I was very upset to find a crumbled, dead butterfly
lying on the path alongside a torn up chrysalis. This was the result of their curiosity.
They couldn?t wait for nature to finish the process. What they saw as helping a struggling creature, had killed what
was meant to fly. They didn?t understand it was the exertion that caused the butterfly’s body to grow and its wings
to develop.
Freedom and flight can come, only after the struggle!
“Let endurance, steadfastness and patience (note those three qualities carefully) have full play and do a thorough
work, so that you may be?fully developed.” Jas.1:4AMP
Those of us who have a gift to compassionately help others, often step in to assist hurting, struggling people
(especially family members) because we can’t bear to see their pain. If we don?t understand how God deals with
others, we will end up trying to alter things, when really, the situation is being used by the Lord to do something
good in their lives. That process may be uncomfortable or painful for eveyone, but perhaps it is necessary to help
them grow or change in some way.
Letting go of someone you love and putting them in the hands of God can be one of the hardest things you’ll ever
do. That doesn?t imply you stop caring for them, it just means you can’t do it for them. Stop trying to rescue them,
and allow the consequences to correct and make them whole. In other words, let go, and let God do it His way.
“At the time, discipline isn’t much fun. It always feels like it?s going against the grain. Later, of course, it pays off
handsomely, for it?s the well-trained who find themselves mature in their relationship with God.” Heb. 12:11TM

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