Happy Thanksgiving, America




As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, I would like to say what I’m thankful for.
Not only for those that have made this Country what it is, but for a whole lot more.
I’m thankful for our constitution that gives the right to live a life that’s free.
I’m also thankful that I had the right when I grew up, to be what I wanted to be.
With freedom of religion, we can worship God, without the fear for your life,
with freedom of speech, you can speak out in front of others, without a lot of strife.
At birth, we’re handed many rights that others around the world will never know,
and the only reason we have these rights, many good men have died to make it so.
I’m so thankful to all the young men and ladies, serving around the world today,
in a continual struggle with terrorists, that are out to destroy the good old U.S.A.
This country would never be allowed to continue to exist, without a strong military.
There are people out there that hate us, and want to turn America into a cemetery.
So I’m thankful for our armed forces, and those who keep our Country strong,
and I pray for the day when we have world peace, and we all can get along.
Thank You God, for allowing us all to live as free Americans today,
and I pray that You will protect us for another year and continue to bless the U.S.A.
Poems by Wayne Irwin.
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