Grandma Mosie Appears in Disney Film

Mosie Burks, affectionately referred to as Grandma Mosie by those who know her well, appears in Disney’s new theatrical release, America’s Heart and Soul, a documentary which spotlights amazing Americans from all over the country.
Produced and directed by Louis Schwartzberg, America’s Heart and Soul honors American Citizens who have reached beyond the obstacles of their circumstance and, rising above extreme adversity, have come out on top with a great attitude and a heart filled with joy.
Mosie, a reigning queen of gospel music, is a young hearted seventy one years of age. She was raised in the Delta and in the 1940’s, traveled with her family from one plantation to the next picking cotton to help support her family of fifteen. When her mother passed at age forty, Mosie stepped in to raise her ten younger siblings and then began her own career and family, raising three children of her own.
She joined the Mississippi Mass Choir in 1995 and her first solo, ”This Morning When I Rose,” hit the number one Billboard spot as did the album, I’ll See You in the Rapture, where it remained for more than one year. Mosie has toured many places singing with the choir including, Spain, Italy, Greece, Japan, and all across the United States. She is well-known as the remarkable soloist with salt and pepper hair and enough energy to light Liberty’s torch!
Mosie is also set to release her first solo CD, as yet untitled, on the Malaco Records label in September. About life she has this to say, “I have found favor in the Lord, he has granted me to do so many things. I have a ball living, I have a hearty living, I wake up happy, I’m still here! Yahoo!”
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