Gore, Jeffords, Reno and Freeh on 9/11

“Has the 9/11 Commission conveniently forgotten, during its zeal to assign blame, that one of the major flaws in the war on terror during the 8 years of the Clinton Administration was the inability of the CIA to coordinate activities with the FBI? Also, because of laws put in place during the post Watergate period by a Democrat controlled Congress they precluded intelligence and law enforcement agencies from sharing vital info and working together,” says Fred Gedrich, Senior Foreign and UN Policy Analyst at Freedom Alliance. “This and the Clinton Administration’s decision to consider terrorism a law enforcement issue made it extremely difficult to aggressively pursue terrorists, like bin Laden, around the globe. Reno and Freeh should be grilled on the impact this law and this decision had on the pursuit of terrorists. We should also remember:
* The Bush Administration got a late start in putting its team in place initially because Al Gore contested the results of the 2000 presidential election.
* Then when Sen. Jim Jeffords decided to switch to the Democrat Caucus in Spring 2001, it threw Senate control and the confirmation process into the hands of Senate Democrats – who were bitterly anti-Bush – which proceeded to delay acting on President Bush’s nominations in several critical positions.
* The Bush Administration also lost valuable time when U.S. Attorney General Ashcroft had to spend so much time in the Spring overseeing the delayed execution of the domestic terrorist Tim McVeigh primarily because the U.S. Government (under Clinton Administration) failed to provide all necessary documents to McVeigh during his trial.
* Finally, when the FBI Director, Louie Freeh, resigned in June 2001 this left a very important hole in what the FBI was doing to combat terror.”
“The 9/11 Commission should all keep in mind that the real enemy is the terrorists responsible for the horrific 9/11 attacks and should come up with recommendations that could conceivably prevent future conventional and non-conventional terrorist attacks on the U.S. homeland, not appear on TV and speak on the radio to promote their own political views and themselves at the expense of Americans relying on them for constructive suggestions. And this is precisely why such commissions should not be established in a presidential election year.”
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