‘Gone’ Features ‘Survivor’ Stars

Dirk Been and Joel Klug, two of the popular stars of “Survivor”, have finished wrapping the Christian feature film, “GONE,” shot entirely in the Philippines.
Both Dirk and Joel play lawyers who get caught in the last days of the earth where it truly becomes the last to ‘survive.’ They escape hail the size of bowling balls, stars falling from the sky, and oceans turning to blood. Along the way, they find the road to redemption hard to grasp once the Rapture hits the Philippines.
Dirk gained international acclaim among Believers through sharing his testimony about Jesus to an estimated 80 million viewers worldwide on “Survivor,” a show that captured the largest viewing audience of all time. He has spoken of his relationship with the Lord on Late Night With David Letterman, The Tonight Show, Entertainment Tonight, The 700 Club, The Today Show, People Magazine, and hundreds of news outlets. This is Dirk’s first feature film.
Tim Chey, the writer/director, of the under $5 million feature, co-produced by RiverRain Productions and Scenema Concept, says, “It was an absolute joy to work with both of them. They did their own stunts and came through like troopers, even during a typhoon. Both Dirk and Joel are extremely talented actors and have a natural ability to enter into character at the drop of a dime. I praise the Lord for them.”
“GONE” will be released theatrically this year. For more information, log onto gonethemovie.


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