GMA’s 28th Annual Seminar in the Rockies



Clifton, CO — GMA’s 28th Annual Seminar in the Rockies, wrapped up another week Saturday, August 10th. Once again this Conference
reached new levels, staying true to the status of being the topnotch Christian Seminar that it is known for! So much goes on at this
Conference simultaneously, that to sit down to relax would mean missing out on some great class, Artist teaching concert,
competition performance or the opportunity to rub elbows with the Industry’s best!
This Seminar is designed with such precision, that everyone involved receives something from it! The benefit for the Registrant
being, not just a glimpse but hands on learning. It is as if the back door to the writing rooms, the wings of the performance stage, a
seat in the studio or the chair in a Nashville office is offered up for attendees! Allowing them the opportunity to really see, seek and
dig for what they need to become better equipped at what God has called them to! At whatever level the registrant comes in, if they
are passionately seeking God’s will in their own life, God has something for them to take back home and apply to their ministry!
For the Teacher/ Industry attendee, opportunity varies, from networking to mentoring or just being inspired! When I posed
this question to five Industry attendees, “What do you walk away with from this Seminar,” this is how they answered.

Morgan Cryar;
Artist, Teacher, Producer, Premier Records. He said he likes the new relationships that are formed. He enjoys seeing and hearing
the next generation and that he loves to be a part of the teaching process! Having a part in mentoring the up and coming. He likened
it to a Farm team for the Big Leagues.
Jeff Nelson; Writer/Producer, HeartService Music. This being his 10th year at the
Seminar, also said that he likes mentoring and encouraging. He remarked that it is a chance to get out of the Studio and meet new
people and make new relationships. Also it gives him the opportunity to network. He enjoys being among others who a! re the
same in Christ with similar passions for music and ministry. He sees no walls between registrant and Industry. This is very evident
with both Jeff Nelson and Morgan Cryar. They would daily mingle with the registrants throughout campus, walking, siting and even
eating in the cafeteria among the “rookies.”
Brian White; Staff Writer, BMG Music Publishing, Gospel Division. Brian said that
he walks away with his batteries charged. He enjoys seeing God use many different servants, who reach into areas that he could never
go. He emphasizes that each person’s ministry, big or small plays an important part. Also the freshness that comes from
remembering why he does what he does…not to just turn a dollar but to share the Gospel of Christ. I can personally attest to the
approachability and kindness of Brian, for the last few years he has encouraged me and I have learned so much from him. His love for
Christ and passion! for writing is obvious, he is a great teacher and communicator!
Cindy Wilt; Creative Director, Word Music
Publishing. She enjoys being available and giving back, encouraging individuals to be better at their craft. Cindy loves to see
growth and quality and also comes to find talent and develop writers and writers/artists.
Sue C. Smith; Songwriter,
Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing. She said that she leaves motivated, excited to put into practice what she has been teaching. Sue also loves to mentor and encourage! It is very apparent in all that she does, as she is part of a team that puts on an Annual
workshop called Write About Jesus. Both Sue and Cindy are easily accessible throughout the week. Again, if the seeker is open, God
will shine His light on whatever He wants each person to walk away with!
For the Record Labels, they get a chance to showcase their top performers, while also premiering some of their new talent. All
attendees benefit from this Musical extravaganza throughout the week! The flow is non stop, from the midday worship and message
to the concerts and onto Cafe Estes, the Mountain ring’s with the best the Industry has to offer! This is what makes Estes Park the
place to be, whether you are a consumer, musician or anything in between.
Volunteers are the backbone of this outstanding Seminar! They are all flying around seating people, getting coffee through the
crowded room, hooking up equipment, setting up for all of the activity and constantly serving others! They expend a lot of joy, in
everything they do! These Servants are some of the most effective teaching tools at the Seminar! For those who are truly seeking to
do everything they can to strengthen their gifts, this lesson can be found all around the campus!
The last group of people is the GMA’s staff! Without the precision of this group’s cutting edge vision and ability to work in
any circumstance, this Seminar would cease to exists! Their finger is on the pulse of the Christian Music Industry, which is evident
in the unveiling of each new hour and all that it holds! Five star quality in every aspect of the Conference, exploding from one end of
the campus to the other! Then crowning each day’s events, with the Music that has built the foundation of GMA’s existence! What a
fitting way to close each day!
All in all, the Seminar in the Rockies consist of a gathering of God’s children striving to sharpen the tools that He has
graciously given them, so that they can become as effective as possible in their personal niche of ministry! No matter what title the
attendee is; professional or aspiring, songwriter or Artist, local church leader or national church leader…..everyone shares a common
goal, “To bring the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ to a dying world!” This is what it all boils down to! So if that sounds like
something that God is leading you to, next years Seminar will be
held the week of July 27-August 2, 2003, come and join in!


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