GMA Week Update:Monday, April 23

Word Entertainment presented a variety of artists at
their showcase concert Monday Night at the Ryman.
Point of Grace and Nicole C. Mullen hosted. Shelly of
Point Of Grace thanked the GMA community for welcoming
them back after they had taken 18 months off. They
performed songs from the new album Free to Fly as well
as an old favorite, “The Song Is Alive”. Point Of
Grace introduced a new song that they said that they
were waiting for. The song, “You will never walk
Alone” which would be a powerful song to carry the
message that “Jesus will still be there…” Later in
the show, Vertical Music Artist, Ten Shekel Shirt
performed “Unashamed Love” which carried the refrain
“You Are Worthy”. The energy of the night kept
building as new artist Pete Orta came out and sang
“Born Again”. He sang , “I’m Born Again!, I’m a new
creation! I’m a new sensation!! Pete put on a true
rock n’ roll performance, complete with twirling fan
lights, falsettos and throwing his guitar at the end.
The true highlight of the evening was when Mark
Schultz and Ginny Owens performed “Remember Me”, his
latest single. Denise from POG introduced Mark and
declared that he’s still single. She said that she
would try to set him up with another single artist,
but they’re all eleven. Denise also joked that Mark
is up for so many Dove awards that he’s even nominated
in the female category. Mark came out on stage
escorting Ginny. Mark spoke about last year’s Word
concert where he performed “I am the way” and really
had his parents on his cell phone before he came out.
He said that Jaci Valasquez was performing when he
first got them on the phone. He was updating them
about when he was to go on stage and finally his
parents interrupted him and said to be quiet because
they were trying to listen to Jaci sing. It was a
moment of humility for him.
Schultz introduced the song “Remember Me” by saying
that the song was inspired by a young man who was born
with a foot disease, who was adopted and was told he
would never walk. Now the young man runs track and
has a scholarship to college where he plans to pursue
medical school. Mark and Ginny sat face to face at
two pianos. The song and performance were simply
Later another new artist, Paige was introduced. She
is 16 years old and began writing songs two years ago
to evangelize her friends. She came onstage wearing
jeans with an American Flag shirt. Spectacular blue
lights gleamed across the stage as she rocked the
house with “Heart of Hearts” and “Cry Holy”.
Point of Grace then introduced Nicole C. Mullen as a
friend who loves the Lord with all her heart, mind,
soul and strength. She brought the house to it’s
feet with, “Can I Get A Witness”. Nicole debued
another new song “All Things Are Possible” by quoting
the scripture from Isiah, “I can mount on wings as
eagles…” and how God has taken something ordinary like
herself and done something extraordinary.
The Canadian band Down Here were introduced as a band
that performs up to 200 shows per year. They were
discovered through the internet. They played an
excellent worship oriented song called “Calmer Of The

I left the Word Concert to head over to 328
Performance Hall to the Gotee/ Squint Late Night
Showcase. Unfortunately it was raining out and there
was quite a delay getting a bus over to the venue. I
arrived as Reliant K were finishing up their set. The
building was extremely packed, especially with
younger, non-GMA people. To make matters worse, the
air conditioning was not working and it was HOT!!
I almost left, but really wanted to see/hear PFR
perform. I wasn’t disappointed as PFR came to the
stage. Leigh Nash (Sixpence) introduced the band as a
band who had been arrested for being “AWESOME!”
They truly were! PFR opened the set with a classic
called “Merry Go Round” and a new song “Falling” from
their new record “Disappear”, coming out on Squint.
Lead singer, Joel Hanson joked about barely being able
to walk across the stage (being older). PFR also
played classics like “Anything” and “Wonder Why” It
was great to see a great band get back together and
rock just as hard as ever. I don’t think it would
matter if the air conditioning was turned back on or
not because PFR was hot this night.
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Kurtis Kegley is a free-lance writer who wrote daily GMA updates and interviews for Christian Activities during Gospel Music Week. Kurtis sends in his daily report from the GMA media room.

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