GMA Week Photo Journal: Sunday, April 22, 2001

Christian Activities Online takes you behind the scenes to see what’s happening during Gospel Music Week. This snapshot archive will be updated nightly. Click on each small photo to see full size version

Michael W. Smith, joked with Brian Mason while Gary Chapman and Steve Gilreath
look on at Tejas Studios.
Buddy Greene throws down some mean harmonica licks while Ceilie Rain
looks on at Tejas Studios.
Ceili Rain performs some lively Celtic jigs at Brian Mason’s 21st
Steve Gilreath interviews Frank Breeden about upcoming GMA events and
the Live Dove Telecast.
Not only did the Glory Bugles promote the local “Barber Shop & Salad Bar” business,
but they performed their two big hits “If Your Hair’s Too Long” and “The
King James Version”
Phil Keaggy performs with George Pendergrass and Jim Cole
Gary Chapman’s Tejas Studios is located behind his home, Riverstone
A l-o-n-g banner for Nikki Leonti dominates the Stouffer Hotel skywalk!
Signs for artists are everywhere at the Stouffer and Convention Center.
I saw signs for new Inpop group Superchick hanging over the escalator
in the hotel, on the floor near the publication bins at the Convention
Center, and on a bench at a bus stop across the street from the hotel.
Another large sign, this one for Third Day and True Vibe, dominates the
walkway from the hotel to the Convention Center.


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