GMA Interview: Apt. Core

Rocketown Records is set to release a brand new
project from Apt Core called Rhythms of Remembrance.
This project was created by producer Will Hunt. The
name Apt Core came from the idea of “the center of our
being is made sufficient through Jesus”.
The music on Rhythms of Remembrance has a strong electronic sound with Scripture read and sung along. “40” features Ginny Owens singing exerpts from Psalm 40, “I will sing a new song…” “Life Inverted” is a great dance track, including the words “I am crucified with Christ…” in the background.
Will has a large collection of drums and has been a session
drummer for years. Hunt has also been a big
fan of electronic and Eastern-influenced music. He
had not found a style of Christian music that he
really enjoyed listening to, so he ended up creating
music based his own musical influences.

“I really
have enjoyed Eastern music…I really enjoy the sounds
and modes of sitar and tabla, and all those types of Eastern
instruments. I am also enjoying artists inside the
Electronica world,…trance, and drum and bass
world…Taking that suff back for the Lord is kind of
my passion.”
On affecting culture, Will said that he
wants to “give people a musical avenue that they
haven’t had in the past. Hopefully this will be an
avenue for them to sit inside truth while enjoying the
music they enjoy.” Look for this release in your
favorite store, June 19.

Kurtis Kegley is a free-lance writer who wrote daily GMA updates and interviews for Christian Activities during Gospel Music Week. Kurtis sends in his daily report from the GMA media room.

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