Galaxy21 Music Signs The Granddaddy Of All Rock Bands

In what’s become the worst-kept secret in Christian music,
Galaxy21 Music is proud to add Daniel Amos to the growing roster. The
legendary band based in Southern California is unleashing their first
studio album in over six years to the public on September 11. Mr.
Buechner’s Dream contains over thirty songs on two disks, for a retail
price of $16.99.
“Mr. Buechner (pronounced Beekner) is Frederick Buechner, a very real
Pulitzer Prize nominated author and a Presbyterian minister who has been an
inspiration over the years,” explains lyricist and singer Terry Taylor.
“While it is doubtful that this genre of music is Fred’s ‘cup of tea’ or
that he’s ever had a dream in which 33 alternative rock songs played and
danced in his head, we hope we have, at the very least, honored him (along
with our faithful fans) with the very best we have to offer.”
The album continues to mine the personal events of Taylor’s life. Some of
the lyrics were born out of the tumultuous events of recent years: the
passing of two young and very dear friends, cancer in his family, and in
the families of other close friends.
“Too many swords dangling overhead, too many loses for one to bear, but
always the grace of music as the catharsis for the intensity and anguish of
it all,” says Taylor. “Thank God, however, that this is not a collection of
morose minor key songs. Over all, I think, there is joy here?liberty, and
celebration? a renewed hope in the sovereignty of God. I also believe our
ages work to our advantage, if indeed there is any wisdom to be gained by
longevity. As usual we pose questions concerning the tensions between faith
and doubt, throw in a dash of social commentary, and generally probe and
explore the meaning of what it is to be fully ‘human’, and one who
essentially seeks to serve a knowable/unknowable God.
Mr. Buechner’s Dream is the thirteenth studio project from Daniel Amos in a
career that spans 25 years. Their first, self-titled album released in
1976 on Maranatha! Records. Other notable records include Horrendous Disk
(1978), the groundbreaking Alarma! Chronicles (1981), Darn Floor – Big Bite
(1987), and Motorcycle (1993).
The original members of Daniel Amos, all of whom appear on the album, are
part of the Legends Tour appearing at many of the summer concert festivals.
Other acts on the bill are the 77s, Sweet Comfort Band, and Randy
Stonehill. The 77s are also touring to support a new project, the recent A
Golden Field of Radioactive Crows also released by Galaxy21 Music.
Mike Roe from the 77s and Taylor can also be found on tour with their side
project The Lost Dogs. Derri Daugherty from Galaxy21 act The Choir is in
that band as well.
Galaxy21 Music (Rev. 21:1) is pleased to help further the music and
ministry of some of the most influential artists in Contemporary Christian
music. With an innovative approach to the traditional record label model,
Galaxy21 Music allows the artist to share in the entire process from start
to finish. There are no publishing departments here – the artists’ keep
it. There are no master reels tucked away in fireproof safes under our
desks – the artists’ control them. It’s simply a symbiotic relationship
between friends and ministry partners. The website for the label Information on the 77’s can be found, The Choir is at, Buck Enterprises is, and Daniel Amos at

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