Free at Last Again

In honor of the tenth anniversary of the
release of dc talk’s Free At Last project, ForeFront Records is celebrating
the milestone with the release of the 10-Year Anniversary Special Edition
Free At Last album, and the never-before-seen Free At Last Movie on December 17th.
The special edition album will include added content that was not on the
original release, such as audio commentary from the group on the making of
the record, little known facts, and what it was like for them during that
period. It will also include some new mixes, a re-make version of their #1
hit “The Hardway” produced by Matt Bronlewee, and will have alternate lyrics
and different instrumentation.
The album, which originally released in September of 1992, had amazing
staying power on the Billboard Contemporary Christian Charts. It sat in the
#1 position for 19 weeks and remained in the top 10 for an impressive 57
weeks. “Ten years ago, I was working as the store manager of a tiny 1300
square foot Family Christian Store in Wayne, New Jersey,” commented Bob
Rush, Senior Music Buyer for Family Christian Stores. “I distinctly
remember the excitement of my music guy, Steve Virkler, when Free At Last
arrived. He was always looking for an opportunity to play it on the in-store
system and sharing this cutting edge Christian music with customers.” dc
talk’s Michael Tait continues, “”I believe that the album Free At Last was a
ground breaking moment for dc talk. It was the first time that Toby, Kevin
and myself tapped into our true potential talent wise.”
As a special bonus to new and old fans alike, the Free At Last Movie,
featuring trailers and commentaries from dc talk and film makers, will
finally be released. Shot while on the Free At Last tour, the movie
showcases the history of dc talk on stage and behind-the-scenes, as well as
a deeper look in the individuals. dc talk’s booking agent, John Huie,
comments, “Free At Last was the album that catapulted the band into arena
status.” Comments Kevin Max, “The Free At Last Tour was the first time dc
talk headlined a show of their own and, we grew a lot, both as a band and as
individuals. It was evident to us then that God placed us together to
entertain and to learn.”
The Free At Last projects will be available in four formats including: CD,
DVD, VHS and DVD/CD combo package.


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