9-11: First-Hand Report from NYC

Eric and I are OK – thanks be to God. It has been a living nightmare for us to experience such tragic and devastating events of the acts of terrorism on NYC.

I believe that God was watching out for us every moment as “ironic” things happened to plan our course of events yesterday which kept us out of harms way from the initial attack.
I was supposed to go to work at CBS studios yesterday at 9 a.m., (I’m interning in the news department) and decided at 7 a.m., to go in later to cover the afternoon shift and meet with my supervisor. If I would have gone in – I would have been a witness all to close – and perhaps injured.

Eric was running late and missed the 7 a.m., train and caught the next one in. When he called me around 9 a.m., his voice delivery was monotone and I sensed something terrible had happened. I was listening to some gospel music at the time of the first aircraft crash. Eric, however, along with his colleagues heard and saw the immediate after – effects of the first crash and because of the smoke could only see the latter impact of the second crash. He could look out his window and watch the building burning and crashing down – it was very disturbing.

I was at home shaking physically and crying while I watched the news – live – from the site. I was panicked when the second crash happened and
all kinds of reports were coming over the TV & Radio about more attacks and
then the sirens started going off. I watched as our local TV stations covered live – almost like play by play of a freaky movie, the horrific events. Though we live just shy of 30 miles from NYC, tension was mounting and military copters and planes were flying directly above our home and continued throughout the day into the evening. (They were patrolling the coastline).
It was not a night of rest for either one of us as we were desperately trying to call out to our family and friends and receive calls in return.
I was able to speak w/my family. My dear friend JoAnna (from Flagstaff) and
I communicated via cell phone while the actual events were occurring.
After my initial phone call with Eric – I felt he was safe and then as the events continued and more fires broke out and threats of attacks and bombs surfaced – I became very frightened for Eric. I couldn’t get through to
his office and when I did – the receptionist answered and began screaming. I could hear sirens and noise in the background and then the phone went
dead. Then there were reports that Grand Central Station was being evacuated because of bomb threats and fires. Eric works directly across from GCS and just 1 mile from the devastating site. I was on my knees praying to God
for mercy and pardon, grace and strength to make it thru the very frightening lingering moments.
I had my cell in one hand, the land phone on the couch, my journal and pen in the other and a box of tissue on the end table. I was torn emotionally because I wanted to be at the scene helping out, or at the CBS studios learning how to work first hand in the event of disaster – or with Eric making sure he was OK. I chose to remain at home – and make journal entries in correspondence
with everything I was receiving from the TV and Radio broadcasts.
I would not have been able to go in to the city anyways, because every freeway, road, bridge, tunnel, overpass, underpass, subway and water way was closed off. There were guards with machine guns ready to fend off anyone who was not
of a military or government position. I felt that if I could focus on “my work-training” I would get thru the day. I did take one break and go to
town and get water, juice, food and some “back-up” supplies (batteries, more candles etc) just in case. Power lines, gas lines and supplies were
greatly severed in NYC and the surrounding tri-cities rely on NYC for many things.
I wanted to be prepared….
When Eric got through to me on the phone again (a few hours later) he said he was going to stay the night in the city at a friends because there was
no way out. He sounded shocked, saddened and angry at what was happening. Then later in the afternoon I received a call from him on my cell saying “pick me up at Noroton station – I’m on the only train out to CT”.
Needless to say our greeting was more than a brief peck on the cheek – we embraced
in silence for at least a minute (that’s a record). Of course, we were concerned for Eric’s colleagues and friends who might have been in the towers but we have not received news back yet of their status. And Eric’s brother Gary, had a friend(s) on the plane from Boston. We offer our condolences to Gary and all the friends who are mourning the loss.
My eyes are red and swollen from crying, my head is splitting but we were safe. We ate dinner in front of the TV – staring in awe at what we were seeing. Our hearts ache for the victims, for America, for man kind.
I pray that those who passed on – passed on to Glory where there is no sorrow or pain. I pray for souls in- prisoned in the crash and those who linger, who might not know who their redeemer is. I pray for safety and guidance for America. And though I know the scriptures say “vengeance is mine says the Lord”, I pray for acts of justice in finding and punishing
to the nnnth degree the attackers on America.
I must say that New Yorkers are not all that hearsay deems them to be;
that is – they are not all loud, pushy and selfish. They crossed the lines of ethnic, spiritual, financial and social status and formed a human chain of support to their fellow New Yorkers and all those impacted by the tragedy.
Keep in mind – that New York citizens are not the only ones who are immediately suffering the consequences of the attack(s). There are
hundreds of commuters (like myself and my husband) who go in to mid and lower Manhatten daily to work. Folks from New Jersey, Connecticut and upper New York share the presence which makes up the hustle and bustle of NYC commerce.
When I went out to do my few errands I spoke with many people in Darien. Some at gas stations were crying. In Costco people were buying supplies
and hugging each other for support. Everyone was concerned and frightened.
There are many people who have loved ones who were in the city, working and visiting. These people (as Eric and I) need to continue on with life and adjust to the constant of helicopters patrolling, warships on our coastlines, increased patrol at the train stations and airports. How long will this “security measure” go on? Who knows at this time. We all have
been “inconvenienced” one way or another and no one really wants to live in a closed society. We do want to experience and enjoy the freedom of living
in America to the fullest constitutional capacity. Many lost their jobs,
their lives, their loved ones. Now it is time for healing and living.
In speaking with Eric this morning (he did go to work) he said that there
is a eerie presence in the air. The atmosphere and physical structure of NYC seemed like a ghost town. Most people stayed at home with their families today to collect themselves emotionally. Those who are in the city are trying to occupy themselves by working at their desk. But in the
background the constant wailing of sirens can be heard, the stench of smoke and death is in the air and the all to real visible reminder of smoke, flames,
debris and destruction lines the lower end of Manhatten. The city and surrounding areas are still under full alert and at highest security attention. Some main bridges are opened and a few more train lines have been cleared for commute. But the immediate area is still blocked off – deemed as a
disaster area. Now all activity is from the hustle and bustle of hundreds of volunteers and employees of city, medical, fire and other emergency units who are diligently sifting through the remains in hopes to recover any and all survivors from every walk of life.
Please keep us in your prayers. We do thank those who called us with
> and comforting words. Going back to the city will be unnerving for awhile
as we wonder will it happen again, will we be safe? The skyline will never be the same on the harbor of NYC – regardless if they rebuild in the years to come. Our memory will remind us of the dreadful day of September 11 – the anniversary of Camp David where America lost a monument which was once the pride and stature of NYC – the World Trade Center Towers.

Sincerely and may God be with America!


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